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 1 Goewey, Edwin A.; 1909 
 2 Goewey, E.A.; 1909 
 3Who Will Win the Pennant? Phelon, W.A.; 1911 
 4Tricks of the Diamond; Strategy, the Guilding Force in Baseball Casey, Harry; 1911 
 5Mack vs. McGraw; When Giant Meets While Elephant Phelon, William A.; 1911 
 6The Greatest Ball Team in the World  1912 
 7Big Leaguers in the Spangles and Out Van Loan, Charles E.; Drawings by M. Stein from photographs; 1912 
 8"That the Case of 'Chief Myers' Proves That the Live Redskin Can Be a Good Indian" Goewey, Ed A.; 1912 
 9The Rewards of Baseball Moss, Edward Bayard; 1912 
 10Making a Pennant Winner McGraw, John; 1912 
 11On the Home Stretch of the Great 1912 Pennant Races Phelon, William A.; 1912 
 12The Real Who's Who in Baseball  1913 
 13 Goewey, Ed A.; Illustrated by Eugene Zimmerman; 1913 
 14The Greatest of All Catchers Lane, F.C.; 1913 
 15Three Noted Indian Baseball Players Goewey, Ed A.; Illustrated by Eugene Zimmerman; 1913 
 16Brooklyn's Battery Goewey, Edwin A.; 1916 
 17How a Ballplayer's Eyes Grow Old Lane, F.C.; 1917 
 18Baseball History in the Making Phelon, W.A.; 1917 
 19World's Series Stars of Other Days Sawyer, C. F.; 1919 
 20The Greatest College Club  1920 
 21San Diego Gets Share of Winter Baseball Puryear, Jess; 1921 
 22Baseball Briefs  1921 
 23The Greatest Baseball Team of All Time Colver, J. Newton; 1926 
 24Twenty-Five Years in Sports, Part II Bulger, Bozeman; 1928 
 25My Memories of McGraw Graham, Frank; 1934 
 26Lo, Vanishing Athlete Hurley, Jim; 1940 
 27Fair Play and Foul Burr, Harold C.; 1940 
 28Special Attraction! Laurie, Joe, Jr.; 1953 
 29  1956 
 30The Glory of Their Times Ritter, Lawrence S.; 1966 
 31Chief Meyers Ritter, Lawrence S.; 1966 
 32Catching Up With Matty's Catcher McDonald, Jack; 1966 
 33The Glory of Their Times: The Story of The Early Days of Baseball Told By The Men Who Played It Ritter, Lawrence; 1968 
 34Muff Followed Snodgrass to Grave Broeg, Bob; 1974 
 35Matty Gummed Up `Catfish Play': Hunter to the Rescue! Broeg, Bob; 1974 
 36World Series Goats Reichler, Joseph L.; 1978 
 37The American Indian In The Major Leagues Thompson, Stephen I.; 1983 
 38The Fall Follies: The Most Atrocious World Series Performances Nash, Bruce And Allan Zullo; 1985 
 39Chief Meyers Ritter, Lawrence S.; 1985 
 40They Call Him 'Pitcher" McGreal, Jim; 1986 
 41American Indian Sports Heritage Oxendine, Joseph B.; 1988 
 42Chief Meyers Ritter, Lawrence S.; 1990 
 43Dr. Whacko's Guide to Slow-Pitch Softball Brown, Bruce; 1991 
 44A Glorified Form of Rounds: Baseball in Britain, February 1914 Rossi, John P.; 1991 
 45Our Own Field of Dreams Brass, Kevin; 1992 
 46American Indian Sports Heritage Oxendine, Joseph B.; 1995 
 47Murder At Ebbets Field Soos, Troy; 1995 
 48John Tortes Meyers: A Cahuilla in the Big Leagues Koerper, Henry C.; 1997 
 49Hail to a Victor(y)! Simon, Tom; 2000 
 50Hail to a Victor(y)! Simon, Tom; 2000 
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