September 21, 2014
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 1"Chief" Bender and the World Series Clendennin, Gary W;  
 2Addicts' Delight Dryden, Charles; 1905 
 3The Superstitious Ball Player Arnold, William; 1911 
 4Baseball as the Players See It Fox, Edward Lyell; 1911 
 5Fifth Paper - Defense - the Pitcher and the Catcher Claudy, C.H.; 1911 
 6Big Chief Bender; He Tells His Most Successful Styles of Pitching the Ball  1911 
 7Baseball - the Play of the Nation Flatley, Nicholas J.; 1911 
 8Ball Players' Superstitions  1912 
 9Yankees Toss Game Away in Thirteenth  1912 
 10Big Leaguers in the Spangles and Out Van Loan, Charles E.; Drawings by M. Stein from photographs; 1912 
 11The Greatest Pitcher On the Diamond Today Lane, F.C.; 1912 
 12On the Home Stretch of the Great 1912 Pennant Races Phelon, William A.; 1912 
 13The Fallen Stars of the 1912 Season  1912 
 14Winning Plays Which Gave the World's Champinship For 1913 To the Philadelphia Athletics  1913 
 15Three Noted Indian Baseball Players Goewey, Ed A.; Illustrated by Eugene Zimmerman; 1913 
 16Baseball Is Certainly Becoming a Most Expensive Luxury Goewey, Ed A.; Illustrated by Eugene Zimmerman; 1913 
 17Base Hits and Errors Phelon, Wm. A.; 1913 
 18Base-Ball: the Game and Its Players; Pt. 4: Outguessing the Opposition; Teams and Individual Players Who Are Constantl Doing the Unexpected and So Get the Best Results Evans, Billy; 1914 
 19Base-Ball: the Game and Its Players; Pt. 2: Famous Pitchers and Their Styles; Interesting Stories About the Game's Greatest Twirlers and How They Achieve Success Evans, Billy; 1914 
 20Clean Living and Quick Thinking: a Talk With Connie Mack Needham, Henry Beach; 1914 
 21Chief Bender Brand of Baseball  1914 
 22Chief Bender Brand of Baseball  1914 
 23Secret Factors in the Winning of a World's Championship Crusinberry, James; 1914 
 24The All-Star Team Rice, Grantland; 1914 
 25 Goewey, Ed A.; 1915 
 26Who's Who in the Federal League  1915 
 27Looking Them Over Evans, Billy; 1915 
 28Some Men Behind the Guns Worth Noting Goewey, Ed A.; 1915 
 29  1915 
 30 Rice, Grantland; 1915 
 31Back To the Main Tent Goewey, Ed A.; 1916 
 32Stars of The Federal League  1916 
 33Do Baseball Pitchers Make the Best Trap Shots ? Mack, Edgar; 1920 
 34Famous Pitchers in the Minors Kofoed, J. C.; 1920 
 35Baseball Briefs  1921 
 36The American Indian's Warpath On Diamond and Gridiron  1922 
 37An All-Star Baseball Team of Trapshooters Banks, Ed; 1922 
 38The Greatest Pitcher of Baseball History Kofoed, J. C.; 1922 
 39Brilliant Feats of Minor Pitching Kofoed, J. C.; 1924 
 40Brilliant Feats of Minor Pitching Kofoed, J. C.; 1924 
 41Brilliant Feats of Minor Pitching Kofoed, J. C.; 1924 
 42Brilliant Feats of Minor Pitching Kofoed, J. C.; 1924 
 43World Series Thrills Rice, Grantland; 1926 
 44Nerves To Spare Rice, Grantland; 1928 
 45Red Menaces Warner, Glenn S.; Illustrated by Joahn Bull; 1931 
 46All-Star Athletics Scully, Charles; 1938 
 47Famous Batteries Segar, Charles; 1939 
 48Lo, Vanishing Athlete Hurley, Jim; 1940 
 49Yankees Win Pennant Early and Quietly as National League Rivals Slug It Out  1942 
 50Albert Bender's Four Decades on the Mound Spink, J.G. Taylor; 1942 
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