August 29, 2015
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 1[cover illustration]  1944 
 2Prexy Asks Metro to Explain  1950 
 3Blazing Bats Boost Bears To Fat Lead Heryford, Merle; 1960 
 4Flareups Bring 'Cool Down' Order From Prexy Doherty Haraway, Frank; 1960 
 5Denver Sets Pace in Turnstile Gain Hall, Halsey; 1960 
 6Juggler Metro Uses Four Hurlers in Runless Inning  1960 
 7Fine, Suspension For Metro; Tore Up Ump's Lineup Card  1960 
 8Alusik Wallops Clutch Drives in Bear Flag Push Haraway, Frank; 1960 
 9Tiger Talent Paced Bears To A.A. Flag Haraway, Frank; 1960 
 10Suspended Managers Squawk - 'Lord Fauntleroy League' Carrico, Johnny; 1961 
 11Metro Postpones $25 Fine On Post Office Technicality  1961 
 12McAuliffe Tabbed as Big-Time Cinch Haraway, Frank; 1961 
 13McAuliffe's Magic Glove, Big Bat Add Zip To Bears Haraway, Frank; 1961 
 14Youth and Blance Add Up To Hot Race Carrico, Johnny; 1961 
 15Young Bears Rush To Red-Hot Getaway Haraway, Frank; 1961 
 16Favored Colonels Facing Stiff Fight Koelling, Les; 1961 
 17Off Year For the Chicago Orgs Boyle, Robert H.; 1962 
 18Strong Man Metro Muscled Off Bruin 'Merry-Go-Round' Holtzman, Jerome; 1962 
 19Why Did Cubs Dismiss Metro?  1962 
 20Pale Hose Bell Tolls For Early; Is It Last One? Munzel, Edgar; 1962 
 21Bounced Metro Lands On Feet - Nabs Scout Job Haraway, Frank; 1962 
 22'Metro Was Sphinx, He Barely Answered Direct Query' - P.K. Condon, David; 1962 
 23Tip To Future Cubs Pilots: Avoid 'Black-Cat' Numbers  1962 
 24'I Made Recommendations,' States Charlie in Rebuttal  1962 
 25Soft-Hearted Execs Coddle Cry-Baby Bruins: Front Office Refused To Back Up Metro's Tough Tactics; Cubs' Biggest Need: Strong, Able Leader Enright, James; 1962 
 26Bob Kennedy Enters Cub Revolving Door, Joins Coach Faculty Holtzman, Jerome; 1962 
 27Cub Firing Squad Has Shot Down Pilots at All Hours of Day, Night  1962 
 28How Phils Blew Big Lead, Flag Lewis, Allen; 1964 
 29Decline and Fall of a Dynasty Mann, Jack; 1965 
 30A Crossover Play on a Ground Ball Hit Into the Hole? Vass, George; 1965 
 31Bench Cure Beats Calldowns, Fines, is Lopez Theory Falls, Joe; 1965 
 32Weird Session at Home Plate--Big Deal: Where Should Bat Boy Kneel? Whittlesey, Merrell; 1965 
 33Skowron Spirit Sweeping Hose--`We Can Win' Munzel, Edgar; 1965 
 34Heat Waive n; 1966 
 35Metro `Steals' Bag, Draws $125 Fine, 3-Day Setdown Haraway, Frank; 1966 
 36Oilers Wear Road Suits--Snap 10-Game Loss Skein n; 1966 
 37Swinger Spiezio Cuts Cool Figure at Card Hot Corner Russo, Neal; 1966 
 38Corrales Will Join Cardinals' Florida Club n; 1966 
 39A Thunderation of Sluggers Leggett, William; 1967 
 40Farrell Quits Cardinals to Take Post With Reds n; 1967 
 41Tulsa Owner Endorses Spahn as Manager of Triple-A Team n; 1967 
 42Royals Review Their Talent, Find All `Jake' at Shortstop McGuff, Joe; 1968 
 43Birds Provide Executive Personnel For New Clubs  1968 
 44New K.C. Club Adds Gorman, Metro to Staff McGuff, Joe; 1968 
 45Twins Hail Martin For `Fantastic' Job as Bears' Skipper Haraway, Frank; 1968 
 46Lane Suggests a Lower Mound to Help Hitters Hatter, Lou; 1968 
 47Ex-Pilot Schultz Joins Royals' Tutor Staff McGuff, Joe; 1969 
 48Royals Appoint Friend As 18th Full-Time Scout  1969 
 49Metro Sets Up Guidelines For Royals' Upsurge in '70 McGuff, Joe; 1969 
 50Anybody Seen Kelly? Metro Has, Likes Royals' Kid McGuff, Joe; 1969 
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