August 29, 2015
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 1The Drummer Boy Nash, Ogden; Photographs by Francis Miller; 1955 
 2The Great American Pitchers' Union Ford, Whitey; as told to Edward Linn; 1957 
 3Waiver-Price Walloper: Charlie Maxwell Jacobs, Bruce; 1957 
 4Detroit Tigers  1960 
 5Detroit Tigers  1960 
 6Paw Paw in Same HR Rut n; 1961 
 7Michigan and Indiana Summer Baseball Camps  1970 
 8Sunday No Sabbath For Maxwell Brennan, Bill; 1981 
 9 Schultz, Randy; 1986 
 10Remembering Ol' Paw Paw: a Major League Tale of Struggle and Triumph Sargent, Jim; 1994 
 11John Dewan's Favorite Nicknames Dewan, John; 1999 
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