August 27, 2015
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Result Title Author(s) Date
 1Sporting Briefs Goewey, Ed. A.; 1910 
 2The Business of Baseball Woolley, Edward Mott; 1912 
 3 Goewey, Ed A.; Illustrated by Eugene Zimmerman; 1912 
 4  1913 
 5The Great American Magnate Phelon, W.A.; 1913 
 6Somers, Smasher of Precedents Weir, Hugh C.; 1914 
 7  1914 
 8A Minor League Club in a Major League City Evans, Billy; 1914 
 9The Inside Facts of the Great Lajoie Deal Lane, F.C.; 1915 
 10The International League, the Belgium of the Baseball War Lane, F.C.; 1915 
 11More Contract Jumping Fultz, David L.; 1915 
 12Peace and Prosperity Lane, F.C.; 1916 
 13The Famous Joe Jackson Deal  1916 
 14  1916 
 15Veteran President Describes Formation of American League, Early Days Johnson, Ban; with Irving Vaughan; 1929 
 16  1934 
 17Baseball's New Deal Anderson, Arthur O.W.; 1940 
 18  1940 
 19The Cleveland Indians Lewis, Franklin; 1949 
 20Say It Ain't So, Joe!: The Story of Shoeless Joe Jackson Gropman, Donald; 1979 
 21Say It Ain't So, Joe!: The True Story of Shoeless Joe Jackson Gropman, Donald; 1992 
 22Editor's Grandstand Page Wayman, Joseph M., editor; 2004 
 23Joe Jackson: A Biography Boyer-Sagert, Kelly; 2004 
 24Double Play in Beantown Rowe, G.S.; 2005 
 25The Cleveland Indians Lewis, Franklin; 2006 
 26Charles W. Somers Schuld, Fred; 2006 
 27Keeping the Federals at Bay: Cleveland in the American Association, 1914-1915 Wright, Marshall; 2008 
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