September 5, 2015
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 1The Irvington Club  1869 
 2Triumphs and Failures of the Tour Around the World Chapman, Charles E.; 1914 
 3How Baseball Is Becoming Popular in Mexico Chapman, Charles E.; 1922 
 4The Genus Baseball Player Chapman, Charles E.; 1923 
 5 Chapman, Charles E.; 1923 
 6There's Nobody Like 'Em Bryson, Bill; 1940 
 7Play Ball! Advice For Young Ballplayers Chapman, Charles E.; Henry L. Severeid; 1941 
 8Dr. Chas. Chapman, Dead-Armed Teacher and Scout, 'Might Have Been Pilot Instead of Mere Professor'; History Specialist Made Appraisal of Players a Profitable Sideline Grant, Lester; 1941 
 9  1941 
 10Advice For Young Ball Players  1944 
 11  1956 
 12Dom DiMaggio Spalding, John E.; 1997 
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