August 30, 2015
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 1Tallis, Seattle G.M., Storms Umps' Quarters, Fined $50  1960 
 2G.M. Tallis Resigns His Seattle Post Zimmerman, Hy; 1960 
 3Angels Land Crack Crew for Key Front-Office Jobs Hunter, Bob; 1961 
 4Junior Angels Club Sparks Interest of Youthful Fans  1962 
 5Angel Music Man Knows the Territory: Organist Drives 300 Miles Daily to Play in Anaheim Newhan, Ross; 1967 
 6Rival Clubs Croon Siren Songs to Angel Execs Milkes, Tallis Newhan, Ross; 1967 
 7Angels Taking Aim on Dodgers' No. 1 Gate Tag Newhan, Ross; 1967 
 8Royals Sacrifice Wilhelm to Boost Youth Program McGuff, Joe; 1968 
 9Gordon Counts On Butler For Royal Quick Service McGuff, Joe; 1968 
 10Royals to Kick Off With 28 Exhibitions Bordman, Sid; 1968 
 11Price Tag on Tony C. Slashed Again--to $25,000 Claflin, Larry; 1968 
 12Royals Set A.L. Season-Ducat Mark Bordman, Sid; 1968 
 13Royals Review Their Talent, Find All `Jake' at Shortstop McGuff, Joe; 1968 
 14Luis Alcaraz Big Name in Royal Future McGuff, Joe; 1968 
 15Busy Royals Hire Tutors, Exec Talent Bordman, Sid; 1968 
 16Pilots Select Vets, Royals Corral Kids Claflin, Larry; 1968 
 17Expansion Clubs Pass Up Injured Slugger Tony C.  1968 
 18Birds Provide Executive Personnel For New Clubs  1968 
 19Kaycee `Will Never Lose This Team': New Boss Kauffman Makes Pledge to Fans Terry, Dickson; 1968 
 20Tallis Selected Veep  1968 
 21Wigwam Exec Peters Rejects Kaycee's Offer Schneider, Russell; 1968 
 22Ex-Hurler Ted Bowsfield Moves Up As Angel Exec Newhan, Ross; 1968 
 23Omaha Returns in AAA With Kaycee-Montreal Williams, Bob; 1968 
 24Royals Plowing Ahead, With 55 Players Signed O'Boynick, Paul; 1968 
 25Royals Dicker With Omaha as a Triple-A Site Williams, Bob; 1968 
 26Rig Reported Headed for K.C. Wiebusch, John; 1968 
 27Old Home Week for Pilot Joe Gordon in Kaycee McGuff, Joe; 1968 
 28$3 Million Air Pact to Bolster Royals in Their '69 A.L. Debut McGuff, Joe; 1968 
 29Royals Impressed By Hernandez Bat McGuff, Joe; 1969 
 30Ex-Pilot Schultz Joins Royals' Tutor Staff McGuff, Joe; 1969 
 31Craze For Shorter Fences May Result in Headaches Munzel, Edgar; 1969 
 32K.C. Swifties to Kick Up Lots of Dust McGuff, Joe; 1969 
 33Expansion Clubs...How They've Grown: Kansas City Royals Bordman, Sid; 1969 
 34Royals Reduce Fence Heights, But Barriers Won't Be Moved McGuff, Joe; 1969 
 35K.C. Is Back With a Vengeance Mulvoy, Mark; 1969 
 36Royals Pick Sarasota For Academy  1969 
 37Royals Setting Stage For Swap Session McGuff, Joe; 1969 
 38Royals Tie Up Loose Ends Before Launching McGuff, Joe; 1969 
 39Skelly And Schlitz Will Be Royals' Radio-TV Sponsors  1969 
 40Royals Get Word From Skipper Joe: `Let's Look Alive' McGuff, Joe; 1969 
 41Jo Jo Whiffs As Skipper, Runs Boat Onto Sandbar  1969 
 42Reggie Jackson Almost Went to Royals for $1 Million McGuff, Joe; 1969 
 43Royals Take Stock After Milkes' Jab McGuff, Joe; 1969 
 44Milkes Ready for Pilot Swap Spree Zimmerman, Hy; 1969 
 45Gordon Tells Why He Quit Kaycee Post McGuff, Joe; 1969 
 46Royals' Opening Game Given Political Flavor  1970 
 47Less Bull, More Pen  1970 
 48Royals Delighted at Fans' Support of Johnson Deal McGuff, Joe; 1970 
 49Vacancy Sign in Royal Bullpen; Lefty Warden Says He'll Fill It Bordman, Sid; 1970 
 50Kid Hurlers Please Royals McGuff, Joe; 1970 
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