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 1The 1934 All-Star Game   
 2Dean vs. Hubbell Matchups Kavanagh, Jack;  
 3The 'No-Hit' Pitcher of 1929 Bloodgood, Clifford; 1930 
 4Southpaws vs. Right-Handers Karst, Eugene F.; 1932 
 5 Gutterman, Irving G.; 1932 
 6Carl Hubbell Williams, Joe; 1933 
 7Pitchers of the Year  1933 
 8The Biggest Gamble in Sport Evans, Billy; 1933 
 9Wherefores and Whys of the Giants' Victory  1933 
 10When in Trouble Call On Hubbell Drebinger, John; 1933 
 11  1933 
 12  1933 
 13  1933 
 14Surprises and Disappointments of 1932 Scheiffele, Fred; 1933 
 15Carl Hubbell, of the Giants, Who Pitched Brilliantly for a Losing Ball Club  1933 
 16Baseball  1934 
 17Hubbell Fans Ruth, Gehrig, Foxx Vidmer, Richards; 1934 
 18All Star: Averill and Harder Shine as American League Trims Nationals  1934 
 19Mid-Season  1934 
 20What Makes a Star? Ogden, Warren H. "Curley"; 1934 
 21  1934 
 22Game Ones Come Back Daniel, Daniel M.; 1934 
 23Carl Hubbell and the Dream Game Byrd, Kenneth B.; 1934 
 24Carl Owen Hubbell: Wizard of the Diamond and Worthy Successor of the Great Walter Johnson Johnston, Charles H.L.; 1934 
 25Game Ones Come Back Daniel, Daniel M.; 1934 
 26June Knights Stiles, Kirk; 1934 
 27I Make a Hit with the Giants Mouse, Mickey; and Hal Horne, ed.; 1934 
 28Athletes Say: They Don't Get Your Wind  1935 
 29On Bobbing Up After Being Sent Down Harper, Walter; 1935 
 30The McGraw Picked Giants Parker, Wayne; 1935 
 31Revenge For Insult and Injury Hitzler, Anton; 1935 
 32Camels Don't Get Your Wind - Famous Baseball Players Say  1935 
 33On Bobbing Up After Being Set Down Harper, Walter; 1935 
 34Revenge For Insult And Injury Hitzler, Anton; 1935 
 35The Mcgraw Picked Giants Parker, Wayne; 1935 
 36Sixteen Straight Williams, Joe; 1936 
 37Joe McCarthy Williams, Joe; 1936 
 3818 To 24 Miles To the Gallon of Gas!  1936 
 39Equinoctial Climax  1936 
 40 Broun, Heywood; 1936 
 41Diamond Classic: World Series To End What May Be Baseball's Greatest Season  1936 
 42Baseball Beginnings Anderson, Arthur O.W.; 1936 
 43Luxury! and 22 Miles To the Gallon. Why I Was Thunder Struck!  1937 
 44I Can Hit Pretty Good Reynolds, Quentin; 1937 
 45The Meal Ticket Hubbell, Carl as told to Bill McCullough; 1937 
 46Pitchers  1937 
 47Hi, Carl! Mancuso, Gus; 1937 
 48Hi, Gus! Hubbell, Carl; 1937 
 49The All-America Baseball Club of 1937 Lane, F.C.; 1937 
 50World Series For 1937  1937 
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