May 28, 2015
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 1"Peg O' My Heart" - Carl Furillo McGowen, Roscoe; 1948 
 2Carl Furillo of the Dodgers Who Has One of the Best Throwing Arms in the Game  1948 
 3Brooklyn's Good Right Arm Gross, Milton; 1950 
 4Brooklyn's Strong-Armed Man Gardner, Paul; 1950 
 5Rare Beef, Served Late Holmes, Tommy; 1950 
 6  1951 
 7The Lip and the Face Stewart, Walter; 1951 
 8On the Road with the Dodgers King, Joe; 1951 
 9Brooklyn Dodgers  1953 
 10This Man Is Armed! McGowen, Roscoe.; 1953 
 11Eyes Right! Maver, Alan; 1953 
 12Brook's Furillo Beaned by Cubs' Bob Rush  1953 
 13Rush Defends 'Brush-Off' Pitch Following Furillo's Beaning Down, Fred; 1953 
 14All-Star Voters Snub Furillo; Ignored Brookly Star Boasts Superior Record Lundquist, Carl; 1953 
 15What Happened To the Dodgers at the End Pf the 1953 Season Schwed, Fred, Jr.; 1953 
 16'Finished' Furillo Belting .300 Again With Better Vision Down, Fred; 1953 
 17Martin's Hit in 9th Beats Dodgers, 4 To 3 Drebinger, John; 1953 
 18Brooklyn Dodgers  1953 
 19Furillo's Diamond Comeback Voted Year's Best by Scribes Reichler, Joe; 1953 
 20Furillo Fumes Over Run-In With Lippy Fullerton, Hugh, Jr.; 1953 
 21Yankee-Haters Can Moan With Furillo Out of Action Snider, Steve; 1953 
 22 Smith, Red; 1953 
 23Furillo, Hodges Ready for Series  1953 
 24Stengel Opposes Furillo Batting Aid  1953 
 25Snider 'Happy' to Lose Crown If It Provides Helps to Furillo  1953 
 26New York Rules 13-10 Favorite; Furillo Drills Sigmand, Howard; 1953 
 27The Bat ... The Arm Rosenthal, Harold; 1954 
 28Your Big-League Scrapbook #2 - The Brooklyn Dodgers  1954 
 29Craziest Wall in Baseball; Naturally, It's in Brooklyn - and Dodgers Right Fielder Carl Furillo Knows the Angles Meany, Tom; Photos by Lew Merrim; 1954 
 30My Favorite Deer Hunt Smith, Stan; 1954 
 31The 'Duster' and the Beanball Graham, Frank; 1954 
 32 Bennett, Biff; 1954 
 33Who Has Baseball's Best Outfield? Hirshberg, Al; 1954 
 34Nobody Loves Baseball More Than Campy Frank, Stanley; 1954 
 35 Roth, Allan; 1954 
 36 Bennett, Biff; 1954 
 37How to Play Championship Baseball Fraley, Oscar; 1954 
 38Inside Baseball For Little Leaguers McConnell, Mickey; Illustrated by Alan Mayer; 1955 
 39The Dodgers: Down They Go ....... Lyons, Harry; 1955 
 40The Gentleman  1955 
 41The (Tough) Sporting Life  1955 
 42The Dodgers: Down They Go ....... Lyons, Harry; 1955 
 43The Ten Most Exciting Men in Baseball Moran, Gussie; 1955 
 44The Four Sides of The Beanball Argument Kahn, Roger; 1956 
 45The Dodgers Strain For a Championship Graham, Frank; 1956 
 46Only Our Agent Watched As Maglie And Furillo Met Graham, Frank, Jr.; 1956 
 47The Last Days of Brooklyn's Old Gang Linn, Ed; 1956 
 48How I Play The Outfield Wall Furillo, Carl; 1956 
 49New York Yankees 2, Brooklyn Dodgers Povich, Shirley; 1956 
 50Dolled-Up Dodgers Barketin, George, photographer; 1956 
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