September 5, 2015
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 1Birds Renew Farm Tieups With 6 Clubs  1963 
 2Birds Expand Farm System to 7 Teams; Tri-City Added n; 1965 
 3Owner Labels Manager `Most Unpopular Ever' n; 1967 
 4Up, Up Goes Ripken On Pilot Ladder Brown, Doug; 1968 
 5Heintzelman Swinging Hot Cardinal Bat Ellison, Jack; 1968 
 6New Skippers At Helms of 6 Bird Farm Teams  1968 
 7Rx: a DH Factor For Baseball Ills Leggett, William; 1969 
 8Wings' Crowley Clobbering Int Hurlers Miraldi, Larry; 1969 
 9Fernandez is `Beaned'  1969 
 10Ripken Switches Baylor, Shopay in Wing Outfield  1970 
 11'Big E' Beats Off Rivals With Bat Heryford, Merle; 1971 
 12It'll Be Tough For B. Robby To Better '70 Figures Jackman, Phil; 1971 
 13Miami's Fuller Turns Fouls Into HRs Sheldon, Bill; 1971 
 14Orioles Re-Value Robbie Deal, See Only a Giant Plus Hatter, Lou; 1972 
 15Catcher Lamont No. 1 Choice on Southern Stars n; 1972 
 16Southern Stars Win With Homer n; 1972 
 17Asheville's Reinbach on the Top Pope, Larry; 1972 
 18Return of F. Robby? O's Think It Over Henneman, Jim; 1977 
 19How Reggie Jackson's Advice Helped Cal Ripken Pope, Edwin; 1978 
 20Steve Dalkowski - DTs Dead But Legend Lives Nigro, Ken; 1979 
 21Cal Ripkens Plan On Father-Son Relationship Rollins, Glenn; 1980 
 22Oriole Farm Show Takes Upward Turn Nigro, Ken; 1980 
 23Ripken Arrives Nigro, Ken; 1981 
 24Orioles Puzzle Over Ripken's Role Nigro, Ken; 1981 
 25Red Wings' Ripken: the Cream Is Rising Matthews, Bob; 1981 
 26Top Rookies? Watch These in '81 Gammons, Peter; 1981 
 27Recall of Bonner Ruffles Feathers  1981 
 2810 Rookies You'll Wish You Had On Your Team  1982 
 29Caddying For Earl Primes Ripken Young, Dick; 1982 
 30Cal Ripken Learns Father Does Know Best! Cowherd, Kevin; 1982 
 31Orioles Must Pick a Spot For Ripken Henneman, Jim; 1982 
 32Writers Honor Sax and Ripken Lang, Jack; 1982 
 33Baseball's All-Second Generation Team  1982 
 34Orioles Uncertain of Ripken's Niche Nigro, Ken; 1982 
 35Hayes, Ripken Head 'Can't Miss' Rookie List Gammons, Peter; 1982 
 36Weaver Testing O's Juggling Act Nigro, Ken; 1982 
 37Ripken Overcomes Slow Start at Bat Nigro, Ken; 1982 
 38All in the Family Department  1982 
 39A Rocky Getaway For Rookie Ripken Nigro, Ken; 1982 
 40Baseball Digest's 1982 Rookie All-Star Team Vass, George; 1982 
 41'I'm Qualified,' Says O's Pilot Altobelli Henneman, Jim; 1982 
 42Rookies of the Year: Ripken A.L. Player Henneman, Jim; 1982 
 43Baseball's Baby Boom-1982, Year of the Rookies Coffey, Wayne; 1982 
 44A Pressurized Vote For Rookie Ripken Gammons, Peter; 1982 
 45Weaver Looking Good On Ripken Henneman, Jim; 1982 
 46Let's Play Ball, Dad Wulf, Steve; 1982 
 47Baltimore Looney, Douglas S.; 1982 
 48Sliding Into The Pot Roast  1982 
 49The Ripken Team Boswell, Thomas; 1983 
 50Cal Ripken Redefines Art of The Classic Shortstop Hertzel, Bob; 1983 
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