August 29, 2015
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 1Greenhorn Schmidt Tabbed Hill Sleeper By Ol' Prof Stengel Kremenko, Barney; 1965 
 2Harrelson Fits Met Blueprint: More Swifties Kremenko, Barney; 1966 
 3Boyer Signals He'll Return to Met Hot Sack Kremenko, Barney; 1966 
 4How the Mets Cheat their Fans Hourigan, Deron; 1967 
 5How the Mets Cheat their Fans Hourigan, Deron; 1967 
 6Harrelson, Shaw Throw Lifeline to Sinking Mets Lang, Jack; 1967 
 7Hill Casualties Deal Mets a Heavy Blow Lang, Jack; 1967 
 8Miscues Mess Up Mets' Hopes--It's Nightmare to Worried Wes Lang, Jack; 1967 
 9Bud Blossoms as Reliable Met Shortstop Despite Lots of Heat Lang, Jack; 1967 
 10Harrelson, Seaver Newest Sparklers on Mets' Diamond Lang, Jack; 1967 
 11Giants' Jim Hart Named N.L. `Player of Month' n; 1967 
 12Not Even a Spark Detected in Mets' Search for Power Lang, Jack; 1967 
 13All Winter Mets Can Savor Kid Curvers Lang, Jack; 1967 
 14Fans Boo Westrum Move--Skipper Has Last Laugh n; 1967 
 15All Signs Point to `Go' for Mets' Three Speed Boys Lang, Jack; 1967 
 16Mets Can Climb Again if Bosch Aids Hurling Lewis, Allen; 1967 
 17Mets Wonder--Can Harrelson Rebound in `69? Lang, Jack; 1968 
 18Weis to Come in Handy With Bud On Active Duty  1968 
 19Bud Lightweight On Scales--But Not On The Field Lang, Jack; 1968 
 20Mets Boost Harrelson 100 Percent Lang, Jack; 1968 
 21New York Mets 5, Baltimore Orioles 3 Lang, Jack; 1969 
 22Some Mets Air Plans to Report Lang, Jack; 1969 
 23  1969 
 24Met Wives Enjoy a Common Bond Elderkin, Phil; 1969 
 25The Incredible Mets Allen, Maury; 1969 
 26How to Score Runs Big Puzzle For Mets Lang, Jack; 1969 
 27Mighty Mets Shock Critics And Backers Lang, Jack; 1969 
 28Wooden-Soldier Mets Anger Gil With Whiff Orgy Lang, Jack; 1969 
 29Ex-Doormat Mets Land on the Moon Lang, Jack; 1969 
 30Laugh It Up When You're in First Place Lang, Jack; 1969 
 31They're Hip, Hungry, Mod, Foolish, Funny, Grouchy and Talented: What are the Mets Like? Lang, Jack; 1969 
 32The Magnificent Mets n; 1969 
 33As Subs Go, Mets Put Bets On Weis Lang, Jack; 1970 
 34Giants See Heise as Triple-Threat Gloveman Frizzell, Pat; 1970 
 35Agee Is the Guy Who Puts Go-Power Into Rising Mets Lang, Jack; 1970 
 36Mets Escape Quicksand...Step On Gas Lang, Jack; 1970 
 37Guess Who's New Met Power Threat Lang, Jack; 1970 
 38It May Be Too Much To Expect a New Edition of Miracle Mets Lang, Jack; 1970 
 39Mets Driving Foes To Distraction With Theft Forays Lang, Jack; 1970 
 40Run Famine, Hepatitis Scare...What Next For the Poor Mets? Lang, Jack; 1970 
 41A Shortstop You'd Like Ot Take To Dinner Berger, Phil; 1970 
 42Four Groups to Tour War Zones, Hospitals  1970 
 43Harrelson Theft of Home is First Off Vet Bunning  1970 
 44Fading Mets Can Brag Over Boswell Lang, Jack; 1970 
 45Met Thin Man Casts Huge Shadow at Shortstop Lang, Jack; 1970 
 46And a Mighty Met Is He! Wright, Alfred; 1970 
 47The New York Mets: the Whole Story Koppett, Leonard; 1970 
 48Kangaroo -- The choice of the pros  1970 
 49Meta Are Happy Harrelson Has Finally 'Arrived' Young, Dick; 1970 
 50A Farewell to Grass n; 1970 
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