September 4, 2015
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 1Petition For the Restoration of George Daniel "Buck" Weaver to the Rolls of Major League Baseball Hegeman, Louis R;  
 2Buck Weaver Weaver, Buck; as told to Hal Totten;  
 3  1896 
 4Striking Scenes from the Tour Around the World McGlynn, Frank; 1914 
 5The All-America Baseball Team Lane, F.C.; 1917 
 6Comments from the Winning Players  1917 
 7Who's Who on the Diamond Ward, John J.; 1917 
 8Chance Remarks of Leading Players at the Big Games  1919 
 9The Star of American League Third Basemen Lane, F.C.; 1919 
 10"Get Out of Baseball," Comiskey Tells These Men  1920 
 11Buck Weaver of the Pennant Winning White Sox Club. Weaver Is Counted the Greatest Third Baseman in the American League  1920 
 12First Evidence of Money Paid to Sox Bared; McMullin's Mystery Package Trailed Crusinberry, James; 1920 
 13Weaver, Felsch Deny They Took Part in "Frame"  1920 
 14Shoeless Joe, Buck Weaver Finally Get Their Day in a Court, of Sorts  1922 
 15Shoeless Joe, Buck Weaver Finally Get Their Day in a Court, of Sorts  1922 
 16The Difficult Road to Baseball Stardom Salsinger, H.G.; 1923 
 17In Douglas  1925 
 18Buck Weaver New Angle of Big Ball Probe; Famous 3d Baseman Officially Asks Reinstatement as Landis Weighs Evidence  1927 
 19Calling Them with George Moriarty Moriarty, George; 1927 
 20Landis Turns Down Appeal of Weaver for Reinstatement  1927 
 21'Calling Them' with George Moriarty Moriarty, George; 1927 
 22'Calling Them' with George Moriarty Moriarty, George; 1927 
 23Off the Record With Abe Attell Williams, Joe; 1934 
 24Remember the Black Sox? Lardner, John; 1938 
 25Ty Cobb's Dream Team Reynolds, Quentin; Photos by James Doolittle; 1939 
 26The Super Third Baseman Drebinger, John; 1939 
 27Stars at Different Positions in World Series Irving, Ira; 1939 
 28"Quit Trying To Alibi" Williams, Joe; 1943 
 29A Half Hour With Eddie Collins Rumill, Ed; 1944 
 30  1949 
 31Two Versions (Varied) of What Happened at Pitching Mound Lewis, Franklin; 1950 
 32The Chicago White Sox Carmichael, John; 1951 
 33Baseball: End For An Old Pro  1956 
 34The Riddle of Buck Weaver Lardner, John; 1956 
 35Concessions, Denials, Obscurity  1956 
 36From a Letter to E.J. Lanigan Cobb, Ty; 1956 
 37Buck Weaver Dead at 64; Denied 'Black Sox' Charge; Third Sacker Was Acquitted at Trial, But Landis Vetoed Petition for Reinstatement  1956 
 38Buck Weaver of 1919 'Black Sox' is Dead; 3d Baseman One of 8 Barred From Game  1956 
 39Buck Weaver of 1919 'Black Sox' is Dead; 3d Baseman One of 8 Barred From Game  1956 
 40Dusting Off an Old Scandal Daley, Arthur; 1956 
 41Weaver's Role in Fixed Series Barton, George; 1956 
 42  1956 
 43My Baseball Diary Farrell, James T.; 1957 
 44The Scandalous Black Sox Rosenthal, Harold; 1959 
 45Eight Men Out: the Black Sox and the 1919 World Series Asinof, Eliot; 1963 
 46Don't Pass This Buck, Fellas Broeg, Bob; 1965 
 47The Great Baseball Mystery: the 1919 World Series Luhrs, Victor; 1966 
 48'Black Sox' Memories McLaughlin, G.R.; 1969 
 49Acquitted But Still Condemned Seymour, Harold; 1971 
 50Baseball's Darkest Hour Seymour, Harold; 1971 
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