August 29, 2015
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 1Blackball Superstars: Legendary Players of the Negro Baseball Leagues Collins, Ace; and John Hillman;  
 2Who Could Be More Colorful Than... Washington, Chester L.; 1936 
 3With the '.400 Smith, Wendell; 1938 
 4The New Gas House Gang Smith, Wendell; 1938 
 5Buck Leonard At Bat  1940 
 6Baseball's Greatest Then and Now; Were the Old Timers Better Than Today's Stars? Lloyd, John "Pop"; 1953 
 7Josh Gibson Stood Alone Holway, John; 1970 
 8Before You Could Say Jackie Robinson Holway, John; 1971 
 9Josh Gibson, Buck Leonard In Baseball's Hall of Fame  1972 
 10Gibson, Leonard Win Shrine Spots Lang, Jack; 1972 
 11Buck Leonard...Lou Gehrig of Black Baseball Leonard, Buck with John Holway; 1972 
 12At Age of 40, Leonard Belted 42 Homers Carr, A.J.; 1972 
 13Grays Brought Night Baseball to Washington Leonard, Buck with John Holway; 1972 
 14Old Mets Show Up Current Heroes Lang, Jack; 1972 
 15Shrine Door Opens for 8 Immortals Reidenbaugh, Lowell; 1972 
 16Les Mots Juste  1973 
 17Voices From the Great Black Baseball Leagues Holway, John B.; 1975 
 18Minor League Baseball In Rocky Mount Smith, Leverett T.; 1978 
 191946: Minor League Baseball in Rocky Mount, North Carolina Smith, Leverett T., Jr.; 1979 
 20Bittersweet Barnstorming Kaplan, Jim; 1981 
 21Negro League Veterans Pick An All-Time Team Holway, John B.; 1982 
 22Is There Life After Baseball? Connor, Anthony J.; 1982 
 23Jim Crow Connor, Anthony J.; 1982 
 24The Business End Connor, Anthony J.; 1982 
 25The Hall Of Fame Connor, Anthony J.; 1982 
 26The Veteran Connor, Anthony J.; 1982 
 27Buck Leonard Reidenbaugh, Lowell; 1983 
 28Buck Leonard Green, Paul; 1984 
 29Frisco Blues DeMarco, Gordon; 1985 
 30Negro Leaguers Seek Entry Into Hall - 'We've Still Got Players Left That Should Be In' Steele, David; 1991 
 31Buck Leonard: the Black Lou Gehrig Van Blair, Rick; 1991 
 32Josh and Satch: the Life and Times of Josh Gibson and Satchel Paige Holway, John B.; 1991 
 33Remembering Their Game Smith, Shelley, Photographs By Bill Ballenberg; 1992 
 34"Nobody Is Bitter" and "How They Loved the Game" Stanley, M. Lee; 1992 
 35Voices From the Great Black Baseball Leagues, Revised Edition Holway, John B.; 1992 
 36Get That Nigger Off the Field: An Oral History of the Negro Leagues Rust, Art Jr.; 1992 
 37Buck Leonard Holway, John B.; 1992 
 38 Carroll, Bob; 1993 
 39Forgotten Players: the Story of Black Baseball in America Gardner, Robert; 1993 
 40Negro League All-Stars Irvin, Monte and Richard Watt; 1994 
 41Baseball's Hometown Teams: the Story of the Minor Leagues Chadwick, Bruce; 1994 
 42Discover Greatness: Negro Leagues Baseball Museum 1994 Yearbook Lester, Larry, ed.; 1994 
 43Judy Johnson: Delaware's Invisible Hero Rendle, Ellen; 1994 
 441930s: May 21-24, 1930 To August 20, 1939 Blake, Mike; 1994 
 45Frisco Blues: A Riley Kovachs Detective Novel DeMarco, Gordon; 1995 
 46Buck Leonard: the Black Lou Gehrig, the Hall of Famer's Story in His Own Words Leonard, Buck; with James A. Riley; 1995 
 47Fleet Walker's Divided Heart: the Life of Baseball's First Black Major Leaguer; Buck Leonard: the Black Lou Gehrig Livingston, Jeffery C.; 1996 
 48Negro League Great Leonard Dies Associated Press; 1997 
 49Negro League Great Leonard Dies The Associated Press; 1997 
 50Buck Leonard Kelley, Brent; 1998 
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