September 1, 2015
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 1Bobo Newsom: "The Breaks." Ross, Mike;  
 2Odd and Interesting Baseball Items Irving, Ira; 1932 
 3Money Talks  1938 
 4Fame Busters Anderson, Arthur O.W.; 1939 
 5Joe DiMaggio, Player of the Year Daniel, Daniel M.; 1939 
 6Facts on Flingers  1939 
 7Up Detroit  1940 
 8Two-Buck Series  1940 
 9Series Tragedy  1940 
 10Cream Pitchers  1941 
 11Missing: the Great Bobo Lardner, John; 1941 
 12One Year Makes Big Difference in Newsom's Life Barton, George A.; 1941 
 13Once a Dodger...  1942 
 14Sports: An Open Letter To Cpl. Izzy Shaw in Sicily About the Fall of the Dodgers Polier, Dan; 1943 
 15Bobo Ends Hectic Week, Is Divorced, Traded, 1-A  1943 
 16Newsom-Durocher Feud May Skid Leo the Lip  1943 
 17Spice For the Brownies  1943 
 18Bobo the Barefaced Boy  1943 
 19New Light On Owen's Mishap? Danforth, Ed; 1943 
 20Satchel's Ambitions Woodward, Stanley; 1943 
 21The Newedle And The Lip Parrott, Harold; 1944 
 22Baseball's Traded Terrors Cohane, Tim; 1945 
 23Sports: Hot-Stove League Ebinger, John; 1945 
 24Rhubarb Over Athletics' Out-of-Turn Batting Causes Heads to Spin and Turnstiles to Click Baumgartner, Stan; 1945 
 25Steadied Tribe Starts to Climb McAuley, Ed; 1945 
 26A Pitcher of Parts Williams, Joe; 1946 
 27Baseball Needs Some New Fools Frank, Stanley; 1947 
 28 Bennett, Biff; 1947 
 29Durocher - Always on the Spot Meany, Tom; 1947 
 30The Sports Show You've Been Looking For: Bobo Newsom  1948 
 31Louis "Bobo" Newsom Powers, Jimmy; 1949 
 32Bobo Newsom Returns as Chattanooga Ends Season Suspension The Associated Press; 1949 
 33Griffith Puts Bobo Newsom In His Doghouse; Veteran Hurler Balks at Road Trip The Associated Press; 1949 
 34 Vernon, Ted; 1950 
 35Radio Tryout For Newsom  1950 
 36Baseball's Human Comedy Daley, Arthur; 1951 
 37Improving With Age Maver, Alan; 1953 
 38Veteran Newsom Says Paige Hasn't Passed 50 Mark Yet Miller, Norman; 1953 
 39The Compleat Ball Player Smith, Red; 1953 
 40No Wonder He Was a Wanderer Davis, Mac; Illustrated By Reynold C. Pollack; 1953 
 41It Was For His Pappy Davis, Mac; Illustrated By Reynold C. Pollack; 1953 
 42Bobo Keeps Promise - Notches 200th Triumph Corum, Bill; 1953 
 43Reverse Credit, Reverse Charges Lyons, Leonard; 1954 
 44Gave Him Five For Two Povich, Shirley; 1954 
 45Louis Norman (Bobo) Newsom Smith, Ira; 1954 
 46The One and Only Bobo Lardner, John; 1957 
 47The One and Only Bobo Lardner, John; 1957 
 48Marco Polo Was a Stay-at-Home! Smith, Lyall; 1957 
 49First in the First-Aid League Bryson, Bill; 1958 
 50  1958 
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