September 3, 2015
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Result Title Author(s) Date
 1  1950 
 2Bobo Blows  1953 
 3Holloman Has Self to Blames For Quick Exit From Majors Richman, Milton; 1953 
 4Holloman Fails to Survive Route in First IL Start With Toronto  1953 
 5Rookie's Debut  1953 
 6Holloman Credits Team With No-Hit Game Hurled in First Starting Role Holloman, Bobo; 1953 
 7Myth of the No-Hit Jinx: Even Johnstown Flood Story a Phony Pollock, Ed; 1954 
 8Bobo's Brief Glory Cosell, Howard; 1968 
 9Great No-Hit Games of the Major Leagues Graham, Frank, Jr.; 1968 
 10 Hamilton, Milo, as told to George Vass; 1970 
 11No-hitters - No Longer a Rarity in the Majors Murray, Jim; 1973 
 12No-hitters: Are They the Kiss of Death? Twombly, Wells; 1973 
 13Alva Lee "Bobo" Holloman Hilton, George W.; 1973 
 14This One and That One: the True Life Story of Bobo "No Hit" Holloman Holloman, Nan; 1975 
 15Here's a Roll Call of Some Special Baseball Oddities Remy, Bob; 1985 
 16  1987 
 17The Pitcher Who Said He'd Make History, and Did! Lewis, Jerry D.; 1988 
 18Early-Season Drama Part of Major League History Vass, George; 1990 
 19I'm Gonna Make History Lewis, Jerry D.; 1990 
 2040 Years Ago: 1953  1992 
 21Bobo Holloman: Bobo the Clown McGuire, Mark; and Michael Sean Gormley; 1999 
 22Seven Most Improbable No-Hitters Vass, George; 2002 
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