September 2, 2015
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 1Leaf Glove Guys Nab Top Honors in Skippers' Poll MacCarl, Neil; 1960 
 2Hand-Picked Rookies Sparkle in Philly 'Look-Ahead' Trials Lewis, Allen; 1960 
 3Champ Jets Cop Most Honors in Int. Pilots' Poll MacCarl, Neil; 1961 
 4Southpaw Callison Helped Phils Flip Lefty Patsy Tage Lewis, Allen; 1962 
 5Phils Brew Heady Potion With Bennett, Short, Wine Lewis, Allen; 1962 
 6Phils' Sharp Climb Likely to Touch Off 1963 Pay Rhubarbs Lewis, Allen; 1962 
 7Phils' Fuel Line Clogged Up With Rash of Fumbles Lewis, Allen; 1963 
 8Phillies Smack Lips as Wine Pops Cork on New Plate Punch Lewis, Allen; 1963 
 9A Week With the Phillies Hano, Arnold; 1964 
 10Instant Fielding Lesson Burick, Si; 1964 
 11Burick, Si; 1964 
 12Wine in High Spirits, Hoping to Add Punch to Champagne Glove Kelly, Ray; 1965 
 13Fright Makes Right Vass, George; 1966 
 14Sisler's Strong Talk Shakes Up Groat--Brakes Urge to Quit Lewis, Allen; 1966 
 152 Pinch-Hitters for Wine--It Says Here Lewis, Allen; 1967 
 16Chris Short Joins Long List of Phils' Sick and Wounded Lewis, Allen; 1967 
 17Mild Bat Uprising Turns Phillie Fans' Affections to Wine Lewis, Allen; 1967 
 18Boozer-Wine-Old Taylor Knocks Cards on Ears n; 1967 
 19Cards' McCarver Defensive Standout: Tim Handles 889 Chances at .997 Clip n; 1967 
 20Strengthened Bullpen Revives Phillies' Hopes Lewis, Allen; 1967 
 21Switch-Hitting Bowa Wins Phils' Raves Lewis, Allen; 1968 
 22 Roth, Allan; 1968 
 23Phil Investment in Money Looks As Good As Gold Lewis, Allen; 1968 
 24`You'll Be Good as New,' Surgeons Assure Wine  1968 
 25Phillies Reel Off Fifth Triple Play Since 1964  1968 
 26Wine Misses Basketball  1968 
 27Expos Show a Big Plus in Three Major Trades Blackman, Ted; 1969 
 28Lots of Canada Green For Le Grand Orange Blackman, Ted; 1969 
 29True Grit...Howie Reed Proud of Milestone Feat Blackman, Ted; 1970 
 30Amaro Still a Glove Magician? He's Trying To Convince Mauch Blackman, Ted; 1970 
 31Wine Develops a New Tang To Expos' Delight Blackman, Ted; 1970 
 32Weak at Bat, Wine Heady Stuff in Field MacDonald, Ian; 1971 
 33A Thinking Ballplayer - the Expos' Bobby Wine MacDonald, Ian; 1971 
 34Larry Bowa: Next NL All-Star Shortstop Lewis, Allen; 1971 
 35Crafty Lemaster is Forcing Big Hitters to `Go Fishing' MacDonald, Ian; 1972 
 36Expo Triple Play All in Day's Work MacDonald, Ian; 1972 
 37Wine Learns Hard Way: Tantrum Can Be Costly MacDonald, Ian; 1972 
 38Mauch's Cup of Wine Full of Bitters MacDonald, Ian; 1972 
 39Mets Expecting Big Rookie Splash From Swan Lang, Jack; 1974 
 40The Flaky Phillie Can Hit Like Crazy Devaney, John; 1976 
 41These Are the Majors' Worst Hitters of All Time! Grosshandler, Stan; 1976 
 42No Joke in Philadelphia Keith, Larry; 1976 
 43Phillies Toss Entire Mound Problem Into Rip's Hands Kelly, Ray; 1976 
 44Bowa's Career Sets Model for Determination Kelly, Ray; 1976 
 45Rating the Shortstops Gilligan, Vin; 1980 
 46Bobby Wine On Infielding Giampalmi, Joe; 1980 
 47A Good Shortstop Still The Key to Winning Hochman, Stan; 1980 
 48Wine Stays Aboard With 2-Year Pact Bodley, Hal; 1981 
 49Owens Looks To Motivation Bodley, Hal; 1983 
 50Wine Deserves a Chance To Pilot Phils Young, Dick; 1983 
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