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 1  1951 
 2If...  1957 
 3Will Grump Bring Smiles To Cub Fans? Prell, Edward; 1957 
 4Slugging Shortstop  1958 
 5Busy Bullpenner Burick, Si; 1959 
 6'Mauch Helped Me Plenty,' Ex-Boss Scheffing Reveals  1960 
 7Scheffing Recalls Surkont Signing at 15 With Cards  1960 
 8Will Aaron Ever Hit .400? Walfoort, Cleon; 1960 
 9Bob Scheffing Lauds Tigers' Battling Kids Spoelstra, Watson; 1961 
 10Tigers Smack Lips Over Tasty Start of Former Tepee Trio Spoelstra, Watson; 1961 
 11Bengals' Big Three Facing Tall Order - 60 Wins For Season Spoelstra, Watson; 1961 
 12Drydocking of Boros Helps Whet Tiger Flag Appetite Spoelstra, Watson; 1961 
 13Sabbath Lucky Day in Tigers' Pennant Drive  1961 
 14Tigers Licking Chops Over Road Tilts Still On Docket  1961 
 15Scheffing Protests Orioles' Win; Claims Interference  1961 
 16Bengals, With Thin Bench, Tighten Belts For Flag Run Spoelstra, Watson; 1961 
 17Tigers Land Reno Bertoia To Fill in For Injured Boros Spoelstra, Watson; 1961 
 18Mr. Cash of the Tigers Maule, Tex; 1961 
 19Tiger Knack of Roaring Back Puts Grin On Scheffing Kisser Spoelstra, Watson; 1961 
 20Fox Proves Extra Dividend To Bengal Deal For Bruton  1961 
 21Scheffing Will Back Three Hill Aces in Pennant Poker Spoelstra, Watson; 1961 
 22Scheffing Turned Tables On Tiger Prexy: Bob Fired Queries, Exec Answered 'Em at Job Interview; Bengal Boss Talked Hard To Corral Bob Povich, Shirley; 1961 
 23Kaline Clutch Touch Helps Keep Bengals' Claws Sharp Spoelstra, Watson; 1961 
 24Driver of Dynamite Truck Has Nothing On Skippers Daniel, Dan; 1961 
 25Clouting Cash Hot Choice For Triple Crown Spoelstra, Watson; 1961 
 26Jungle Cats Called Carbon of Cochrane's '34 Champs Spoelstra, Watson; 1961 
 27Tigers Tout Lary as Top Dog of A.L. Hill: Frank Shines With Bat as Well as Mitt Spoelstra, Watson; 1961 
 28Frank Answers Pilot's Plug With Joke On Bob's Noggin  1961 
 29Bengal Fans Sizing Up Colavito For Hank's Old 50-Homer Halo Spoelstra, Watson; 1961 
 30Pilots Rewarded For Gambling On Kids  1961 
 31Scheffing Hikes Goal, Sees 110 Wins as Pennant Total  1961 
 32Kaline, After Fling at Third, Glad To Return To Outfield Spoelstra, Watson; 1961 
 33Scheffing Tabs Tiger Speed as Key Flag Factor King, Joe; 1961 
 34Bouncy Bengals Stole Page Out of Carry Back's Book: Tigers Raced From Behind in 12 of Their First 29 Victories Spoelstra, Watson; 1961 
 35Norm Cash Spoelstra, Watson; 1961 
 36'No Gashouse Gang Despite Ten Ejections,' Says Scheffing Spoelstra, Watson; 1961 
 37Regan Fined, Then Ejected, After High Toss Decks Hunt Dyer, Braven; 1961 
 38Ol' Grump Merely Har-r-rumphs Over Tigers' 50-50 Flag Chance Spoelstra, Watson; 1961 
 39Bold Bengals Sharpening Teeth Behind Quartet of Vet Twirlers Spoelstra, Watson; 1961 
 40McAuliffe's Magic Glove, Big Bat Add Zip To Bears Haraway, Frank; 1961 
 41Tigers Tip Topper To Braves For Early Spurt Spoelstra, Watson; 1961 
 42Bob Only 24 in Pilot's Debut  1961 
 43He's His Own Take-Charge Guy  1961 
 44Bengals Building Big Nest Egg as Cash Registers Hot Bat Pace Spoelstra, Watson; 1961 
 45Scheffing Gets Fast Heave For Yelp at Ump Drummond  1961 
 46Slow Hurling Forces Wood To Slam Brake On His Swing  1961 
 47Tigers Flouting Forecasts of Crackup King, Joe; 1961 
 48Lary Unlocks Triple Fury as Yankee Tamer Spoelstra, Watson; 1961 
 49'New Tiger Hero Every Day,' Says Beaming Skipper Spoelstra, Watson; 1961 
 50Tiger Rage  1961 
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