August 28, 2015
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 1"The Dope Book," 1942, 1948-85, a Subject Index McConnell, Bob;  
 2"Baseball Register": Overview & Index to Features and "Former Stars" Type Records McConnell, Bob;  
 3Index to "Daguerrotypes of Great Stars of Baseball." McConnell, Bob;  
 4Baseball Openings Attract Sponsors: General Mills Biggest Buyer of Athletic Broadcasts  1936 
 5George Bats 1.000 as Public Idol Smith, Ron; 1980 
 6SABR Does More Than Study Statistics Eckhouse, Morris; 1991 
 7Four Homers In A Game McConnell, Bob; 1991 
 8SABR Presents the Home Run Encyclopedia: the Who, What, and Where of Every Home Run Hit Since 1876 McConnell, Bob; David Vincent, Eds.; 1996 
 9The Minor League Baseball Research Journal, Volume Two Bauer, Carlos; Bob Hoie, eds.; 1997 
 10Whatever Happened to Charley Jones? McConnell, Bob; 2001 
 11Career .300 Batting Averages McConnell, Bob; 2004 
 12The Tale of the Three Tobins McConnell, Bob; 2009 
 13Going for the Fences: The Minor League Home Run Record Book McConnell, Bob, ed.; 2009 
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