October 20, 2014
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Result Title Author(s) Date
 1Step and Swing  1940 
 2[cover illustration]  1944 
 3Royal Thumbing  1945 
 4Stars Who Changed Positions Rumill, Ed; 1947 
 5The All-America Baseball Team Daniel, Daniel M.; 1947 
 6Bob Elliott, Spark of the Braves Rumill, Ed; 1948 
 7The MVP Award Drebinger, John; 1948 
 8The Braves: the Pick and the Shovel Hirshberg, Al; 1948 
 9Chesterfield: the Baseball Man's Cigarette  1948 
 10  1948 
 11Of All Pitchers  1949 
 12Major League Baseball Salsinger, H.G.; Heilman, Harry; and Don Black, eds.; 1949 
 13Psychology In Baseball Miller, Hub; 1949 
 14Robert Irving (Bob) Elliott: "'Mr. Team' of the Boston Braves" Waldman, Frank; 1949 
 15Fans Bearing Gifts Winerip, Harold; 1949 
 16Old Guard of Elliott, Sain and Spahn Still Spark 'New' Braves; Righthander Johnny Ahead of His Best Seasons; Third Baseman Bob Again Aims for 100 RBIs Ajemian, Bob; 1950 
 17Bob Elliott Ajemian, Bob; 1950 
 18 Bennett, Biff; 1951 
 19National League All-Stars Win, 8-3 Drebinger, John; 1951 
 20Rumored Waiver Deal for Cooper Puzzles Hubtown Hirshberg, Al; 1952 
 21Ex-National League Performer Off To Torrid American Start  1953 
 22Old But Able Maver, Alan; 1953 
 23Browns' Bob Elliott Hits Comeback Trail With 3rd Base Berth  1953 
 24Garver Scatters Kaycee's Clouds With Slab Gem Mehl, Ernest; 1960 
 25A's Hit Bottom; 'Perfect Game' Larsen Leaves Mehl, Ernest; 1960 
 26Elliott, Scoreboard Reunited  1960 
 27Domed, All-Weather Parks Planned By Houston, Dallas Nealon, Clark; 1960 
 28Skids Greased For 'Fall-Guy' Skippers: Rumors Drop Rope On Four Likely Necks Spink, J.G. Taylor; 1960 
 29Miscues Dash Cold Water On A's Hot Attack Mehl, Ernest; 1960 
 30Boss Man Elliott Makes It Plain To A's He'll Be Firm  1960 
 31Jitters Gone-Kid Hamlin Stars For A's Mehl, Ernest; 1960 
 32Ticket To Managing Mehl, Ernest; 1960 
 33Quips and Quotes On Big-Time Beat Walfoort, Cleon; 1960 
 34K.C. Moves Fast To Sign Pilot Gordon Mehl, Ernest; 1960 
 35Surprise For Daddy Elliott; Daughter Hostess On Plane  1960 
 36Park Tailoring Key in Home Win Edge:Factor Cited By Ten Clubs in Major Poll Burnes, Bob; 1960 
 37272 Kids Report to Angels' Camp; Club Expected 75 Dyer, Braven; 1961 
 38All-Time HR Paradise? Angel Park Wins Nod: Early Pace at L.A. Wrigley Field Points To 243 Total; 57 Smashes Clear Walls in 19 Games; Cincy Arena Mark of 219 Likely To Fall Addie, Bob; 1961 
 39Angels Sign 2 Aids With `Know-How' Hunter, Bob; 1961 
 40Dave Morehead Monahan, Tom; 1963 
 41Drenched on Base n; 1965 
 42Bob Elliott Hickey, William; 1965 
 43  1966 
 44Just 12 Short Miles Long Way For Some Ogle, Jim; 1968 
 45Detroit All-Star HR Haven  1971 
 461947 Masterson, Dave And Timm Boyle; 1985 
 471947: Bob Elliott Honig, Donald; 1989 
 48Stieb Is Plotter Of Blue Jays' Flight Plan Elliott, Bob; 1991 
 49Our Own Field of Dreams Brass, Kevin; 1992 
 50Baseball In Canada Elliott, Bob; 1992 
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