September 2, 2015
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 1Buhl Heading For Spot as Starter With Braves Reichler, Joe; 1953 
 2The Milwaukee Braves: the Miracle Boys Sunners, William; 1953 
 3 Roth, Allan; 1954 
 4The Milwaukee Braves  1955 
 5Oxygen and the Braves  1956 
 6The Winning Pitchers Roth, Allan; 1958 
 7Big Three To Carry Brave Do-or-Die Stretch Drive Wolf, Bob; 1960 
 8Braves Enter Stretch With Three Pros  1960 
 9Tepee 'Cub Scouts' Touch Off New Chi 'U-2' Turmoil Munzel, Edgar; 1960 
 10Spy Story  1960 
 11Cagey Dressen Keeps Bucs Guessing - Starts Bob Buhl Biederman, Les; 1960 
 12Dressen Too Conservative - Really Has Seven Starters Wolf, Bob; 1960 
 13Servers Snap Out of Snooze - Add Steam To Braves' Charge Wolf, Bob; 1960 
 14Dodgers Halt Buhl Hex  1960 
 15Milwaukee Braves  1960 
 16Earned Run Averages Of Big-League Pitchers(Up To July,14,1960)(Milwaukee Braves) Simons, Herbert; 1960 
 17Parachutist Buhl Finds Diamond Has Ups 'N' Downs, Too Walfoort, Cleon; 1960 
 18Milwaukee Braves  1960 
 19Burdette Bagging Wins at Fast Clip - Sets Goal at 20 Wolf, Bob; 1961 
 20Sock Famine Puts Crimp in Tepee Surge Wolf, Bob; 1961 
 21Tepee Medicine Man Hunts Cure For Curving Collapse Wolf, Bob; 1961 
 22Hill Help No. 1 On Wigwam Shopping List Wolf, Bob; 1961 
 23Milwaukee Braves Kelly, Ray; 1961 
 24Milwaukee Braves Kelly, Ray; 1961 
 25Buhl, Best Percentage Arm, Chases Elusive 20 Victories Wolf, Bob; 1961 
 26Milwaukee Braves Lang, Jack; 1962 
 27Milwaukee Braves Lang, Jack; 1962 
 28The Big League Batter With the Built-In Slump Creamer, Robert; 1963 
 29Buhl Set Bat Mark in `62; Had No Hits in 70 At Bats Sutton, Keith; 1963 
 30Buhl Has Losing Record on Sparkling 0.87 ERA  1963 
 31Buhl Ends Record Bat Slump  1963 
 32Martin Works Miracle on Cub Hurlers: Tutor Shapes `Misfits' Into Snazzy Staff Holtzman, Jerome; 1963 
 33Buhl Ends Two-Year Slump With Help of Tricky Wind  1963 
 34Cubs Claw Rivals With Block-Buster Belts by Lou Brock Holtzman, Jerome; 1963 
 35Whitlow Charts Every Pitch--Funnels Valuable Info to Cubs Stone, Ed; 1963 
 36A Most Unbelievable Inning Stevens, Bob; 1964 
 37My 15 Years With the Braves Mathews, Ed; with Al Hirshberg; 1966 
 38Batter Up and Down  1966 
 39A Hot Summer--On Purpose Broeg, Bob; 1966 
 40A Buhl for All Season? Dolson, Frank; 1966 
 41Signal-Stealing a Dying Art? Heiling, Joe; 1966 
 42Milwaukee's Old Heroes to Return Wolf, Bob; 1966 
 43Spring's Walking Cliches Grady, Sandy; 1967 
 44As Hitters, Most Major League Pitchers Are Strictly Rinky-dinks Kuenster, John, ed;; 1973 
 4511 Most Radically Improved Teams in History Korsgaard, John A.; 1975 
 46Baseball's Most Futile Hitters Lewis, Allen; 1975 
 47The Batter Who Went 0-for-42 Games Fraley, Gerry; 1978 
 48For Better, For Worse; Whom Team Have Joined Together as Roommates, No Man Shall Put Asunder - But Sometimes It Happens McCallum, Jack; 1983 
 49Bob Buhl: Life Among the Seven Dwarfs Kiersh, Edward; 1983 
 50Hitless Wonders: The Most Inept Batting Performances Nash, Bruce And Allan Zullo; 1985 
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