August 29, 2015
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 1Eminent Exponents of the National Game Philips, Bert G., photographer; 1907 
 2The All-America Baseball Team: An Old Baseball "Star's" Choice of Modern "Stars" Sunday, W.A.; 1908 
 3 Goewey, Ed A.; 1910 
 4Spring Training With the White Sox - II Mostly Personal Irwin, Will; 1912 
 5The Mystery of the Spitball Irwin, Will; 1912 
 6The White Sox Orchards; An Oregon Melody in the Music of the Spheres Phanne, A.; 1912 
 7Power and Robust Health For You!  1913 
 8The Month's Parade Phelon, W.A.; 1915 
 9The Most Important Cog in the Baseball Machine Sanborn, Irving E.; 1922 
 10Two Unpopular Positions on the Sand Lots Diamond Sanborn, Irving E.; 1927 
 11The Exaggerated Importance Of "Runs Batted In" Sullivan, Billy; 1936 
 12When World's Series Games Were Played And Stars Were Born Anderson, Arthur O.W.; 1937 
 13Famous Batteries Segar, Charles; 1939 
 14True Spitter Didn't Spin Gregory, L.H.; 1950 
 15Tricks That Won Me Ball Games Cobb, Ty; 1952 
 16Big Ed Walsh's Fabulous Week Meany, Tom; 1959 
 17With Cobb 'Twas Mind Over Matter Daley, Arthur; 1960 
 18Why the Majors--Cheer, Cheer for Old Notre Dame Gagnon, Cappy; 1965 
 19Recent Deaths Take Big Toll on Veterans on Pre-1900 Era Davids, L. Robert; 1965 
 20Billy Sullivan, Sr., Catcher on Hitless Wonders, Dead n; 1965 
 21  1965 
 22Monument to Old Browns: An Umpire at Every Base Burnes, Robert L.; 1966 
 23Floyd Giebell...One Brief Brush With Fame Agul, V.J.; 1972 
 24A Mild-Mannered Gentleman Daley, Arthur; 1975 
 25These Are the Majors' Worst Hitters of All Time! Grosshandler, Stan; 1976 
 26Legion Title To South Bend Lundquist, Carl; 1977 
 27Son Of A Star: Billy Sullivan, Jr. Murdock, Eugene; 1991 
 28The Way They Were Buckley, Steve; 1993 
 29William Joseph Sullivan Strecker, Trey; 2006 
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