August 28, 2015
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 1The All-American Boys' Ball Game; Esquire's Program Under Way Again! "We Had the Thrill of Our Lifetime," Say Youths Who Played in 1944 Contest Hendrickson, Joe; 1945 
 2The First Victory Winerip, Harold; 1950 
 3F.O.B. the Big League Smith, Red; 1951 
 4Sox' Pierce Represents Frank Lane's Best Deal Chamberlain, Charles; 1953 
 5Pierce Belies Youth By Coming of Age On Pitching Mound  1953 
 6ChiSox' Pierce Proves Ace As Starter, Reliever  1953 
 7Wyrostek, Pierce Head 'Most Improved' Players Snider, Steve; 1953 
 8Billy's Not Kidding Maver, Alan, Illus.; 1953 
 9Chicago White Sox  1953 
 10Chicago White Sox  1953 
 11Pierce - Snubbed To Stardom: How He Became Strikeout King Devine, Tommy; 1954 
 12 Roth, Allan; 1954 
 13 Roth, Allan; 1954 
 14Baseball Series For Sale  1954 
 15Game-Winning Pitches Reck, Frank; 1955 
 16The 1955 All-Star Game Sigmand, Howard; 1955 
 17The White Sox: Q. What Kept the Sox Up ? Lyons, Harry; 1955 
 18It's Now or Never for the White Sox Brown, Warren; 1955 
 19The White Sox: Q. What Kept the Sox Up ? Lyons, Harry; 1955 
 20Billy Pierce Took a Shower...Then He Use Vitalis  1956 
 21The Pitchers Who Are Hard to Hit Roth, Allan; 1956 
 22Nobody Wins With a Fast Ball Richman, Milton; 1956 
 23The Chicago White Sox  1956 
 24America's Top Ballplayers Smoke Camels - America's Top Cigarette  1956 
 25The Ten Best Pitchers  1956 
 26Salute to Baseball n; 1956 
 27The 1957 All-Star Game Sigmand, Howard; 1957 
 28Score One For Herb! Masin, Herman L.; 1957 
 29American League Staves Off Late Drive By National To Win St. Louis Game Drebinger, John; 1957 
 30Should the Spitter Be Legalized?  1957 
 31Is Lollar Better Than Berra? Gleason, William(Red); 1957 
 32  1957 
 33The Go-Sox Go Again Terrell, Roy; 1957 
 34Low Road for a Lefty: Billy Pierce Jacobs, Bruce; 1957 
 35What They Say in the Dugout About: the White Sox Richman, Milton; and Arthur Richman; 1958 
 36  1958 
 37The Ballplayers Pick the Pennant Winners  1958 
 38Billy Pierce: Chicago's South Side Southpaw Cohane, Tim; Photographs by Marvin Newman; 1958 
 39The Aces of the Pitching Staffs Roth, Allan; 1958 
 40Billy Pierce Furlong, Bill; 1958 
 41Chicago White Sox -- 2nd Place -- American League Goldberg, Hy; 1958 
 42How Lane's Best Deal Was Queered Schlemmer, Jim; 1958 
 43Six NL Hurlers Check Braves; Seven in AL Curb Yank Bats Simons, Herbert, ed; 1958 
 44Chicago White Sox -- 2nd Place -- American League Goldberg, Hy; 1958 
 45Always the Bridesmaids Goldberg, Hy; 1959 
 46Chicago White Sox  1959 
 47I Suffered Under Frank Lane! Flora, Earl; 1959 
 48Always the Bridesmaids Goldberg, Hy; 1959 
 49Chicago White Sox  1959 
 50Stumbling Starters Foul Up Pale Hose Pitch For Top Spot Munzel, Edgar; 1960 
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