August 31, 2015
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 1The Orioles Are Coming Meany, Tom; 1958 
 2The Orioles Need O'Dell Steadman, John; 1959 
 3Billy O'Dell Harwell, Ernie; 1959 
 4Baltimore Orioles  1959 
 5O'Dell Needles into Stardom Maisel, Bob; 1959 
 6Baltimore Orioles  1959 
 7Maris and Minoso Beat Torrid Tempo For Traded Terrors King, Joe; 1960 
 8Pitchers, Hitters in Tune, Happy Giants Harmonize McDonald, Jack; 1960 
 9Recalled Rookie Hill Flash Slips Pep-Up Pill To Giants McDonald, Jack; 1960 
 10Weiss, Brown Tabbed Slickest Swappers: Bomber G.M. Nabbed Prize in Maris' Bat King, Joe; 1960 
 11Shrewd Swap Can Give Big Lift  1960 
 12April Breezes Iced Torrid Twirling of Hill-Dazzler O'Dell Stevens, Bob; 1960 
 13San Francisco Giants  1960 
 14Giants Add Pitching Depth Gross, Milton; 1960 
 15San Francisco Giants  1960 
 16O'Dell Retired Nine Straight Batters, Saved A.L. Victory  1961 
 17Giants Equal Hurler Record  1961 
 18Cubs Taylor Almost Equals 1960 HR Total in One Game n; 1961 
 19Scriveners Fine-Screen Rookie Skippers: Writers Cite Pros and Cons of Vernon, Mauch, Houk, Dark-- Feuds Forgotten; Giants All Pulling in Same Direction McDonald, Jack; 1961 
 20Inter-League Swaps Produce Flags, Duds: Pierce, O'Ddell, Kuenn Deals Helped Giants Cop '62 Flag Lieb, Frederick G.; 1962 
 21Pitch-Me Plea Hikes O'Dell's Pay Check McDonald, Jack; 1963 
 22Sanford Salary May Soar 100 Per Cent to $50,000: Hill Ace Shapes Up As Toughest Bargainer On Giants' List McDonald, Jack; 1963 
 23Giants' Big Four Led Hill Parade With Nifty Totals McDonald, Jack; 1963 
 24O'Dell Rings Bell as Bellwether of Giant Slab Corps McDonald, Jack; 1963 
 25Stretch Grabs Garden Berth--Reaches Seats With Torrid Bat McDonald, Jack; 1963 
 26Five Old Grads of A.L. Bolster Giant Hill Staff McDonald, Jack; 1963 
 27Braves Get O'Dell to Fill Southpaw Spot in Bull Pen n; 1965 
 28Bailey Return Hikes Giant Lefty-Swinging Firepower McDonald, Jack; 1965 
 29Bragan, Players Bubbling With Optimism at Workout n; 1965 
 30O'Dell's Loafing Accusation False, Franks and Mays Say n; 1965 
 31  1966 
 32  1966 
 33In the Winter--Should a Pitcher Work or Rest? Libby, Bill; 1966 
 34Roberto Talks--Buccos Listen, Start Win Skein Biederman, Les; 1967 
 35O'Dell Overcomes Unusual Ailment: Addison's Disease Biederman, Les; 1967 
 36Hiatt's 4 RBIs Jar Bucs, But Giants Lose Anyhow Livy, Bernie; 1967 
 37History Repeats as Tim Jolts O'Dell for a Slam n; 1967 
 38Are Fans Souring on Twin Bills? Burnes, Robert L.; 1967 
 39Slipping Vets Earn Another Shot At Majors  1968 
 40Billy O'Dell--Paying a Debt Granger, Gene; 1968 
 41Billy O'Dell Mandel, Mike; 1979 
 42 Schulz, Randy; 1986 
 43Babe Ruth Museum Offers Pre-Game Party; O's Ticket Package Gibbons, Michael; 1993 
 44Where Have You Gone...Bill O'Dell Patterson, Red; 1993 
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