September 22, 2014
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 1The Baseball Playboy, Past and Present Lardner, John;  
 2  1896 
 3Kids' World Series; a 12-Year-Old Texan Leads His Team To Small-Fry Championship By Pitching No-Hit and One-Hit Games photos by Hy Peskin; 1950 
 4So You Want To Go Hunting With Billy Martin Martin, Billy; 1950 
 5Minor Matters Kilroy, Hank; 1950 
 6Is the "Wartime Ballplayer" Coming Back? Parker, Dan; 1951 
 7 Bennett, Biff; 1951 
 8Intensified Spring Baseball Training Methods...Speed Up Development of Draft-Drained Talent  1952 
 9We Got 'Em  1952 
 10Martin's Hit in 9th Beats Dodgers, 4 To 3 Drebinger, John; 1953 
 11Martin's Plate Collision Best WS Action Picture Collings, James L.; 1953 
 12Martin Arrives Home, Praises Japan Junket  1953 
 13  1953 
 14The Great Spring-Training Nonsense Lardner, John; 1953 
 15'I've Never Started a Fight' States 'Badboy' Billy Martin Reichler, Joe; 1953 
 16Introducing the New York Yankees of 1957  1953 
 17Camel...Big League Choice For Mildness, and Flavor  1953 
 18Five For Casey McDonald, Jack; 1953 
 19Billy Martin Williams, Joe; 1953 
 20New York Yankees  1953 
 21New York Yankees  1953 
 221953: Wait Till Next Year Carver, Lawron; 1953 
 23Yankees' Scrappy Martin Impresses Frank Frisch Grimsley, Will; 1953 
 24Yanks' Billy Martin Set For Japan Tour  1953 
 25Scorers Criticized for Refusing Martin Hit Mantle, Mickey; 1953 
 26 Smith, Red; 1953 
 27Comes of Age Maver, Alan; 1953 
 28Billy Martin's Story Scott, Jim; 1954 
 29The Year of the Goat Fanciers Thompson, Harry; 1954 
 30New Reign of Terror Dexter, Charles; 1954 
 31 Bennett, Biff; 1954 
 32  1954 
 33Baseball Extra Graham, Frank; 1954 
 34Billy Martin Graham, Frank; 1954 
 35Baseball's Roughest Players: They Brawl, Cuss, Spike, Slug - and Win  1954 
 36Yankee Scrap Man Reichler, Joe; 1954 
 37Philosopher Campanella  1955 
 38Two Men Gambled Britwell, Roger; 1955 
 39 Creamer, Robert; 1955 
 40Yankees' Billy Martin: Casey's 'Insurance Policy'  1955 
 41Seesaw Battle  1955 
 42Yankee Batboy Carrieri, Joe As Told To Zander Hollander; 1955 
 43 Bennett, Biff; 1955 
 44Footnotes To History  1956 
 45  1956 
 46Do You Think More Or Less of Ted Williams Since the Spitting Episode in Boston?  1956 
 47He's Never Out of Trouble Stump, Al; 1956 
 48The Damndest Yankee of Them All O'Neill, Paul; 1956 
 49The New York Yankees  1956 
 50My Pal, Mickey Mantle Martin, Billy; 1956 
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