August 31, 2015
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Result Title Author(s) Date
 1Who Is the Man?  1955 
 2 Goodman, Irv; 1955 
 3Keep Your Eye On the Castoffs Linn, Edward; 1956 
 4Red Sox Re-tread: Billy Klaus Jacobs, Bruce; 1956 
 5You Gotta Have Heart (Billy Klaus) Meany, Tom; 1956 
 6The Seven Best Rookies of 1955  1956 
 7You Gotta Have Heart (Billy Klaus) Meany, Tom; 1956 
 8Of Course, They Throw at Hitters Kaese, Harold; 1957 
 9Majors' Nine Jackpot HR's Break Mark Tattersall, John; 1960 
 10Klaus-Pearson Feat Third in Majors Tattersall, John; 1960 
 11Portrait Of An Average Player Steadman, John; 1960 
 12Chisox Protest Honochick's Ruling in Loss To Senators Munzel, Edgar; 1961 
 13Klaus Ends 0 For 21 Streak With Grand-Slam vs. Tigers  1961 
 14Doherty Blast Triggers Nat, Yankee Feud Povich, Shirley; 1961 
 15Sifting Gems From Hatful of Record-Breaking Feats Sheen, Jim; 1961 
 16Vet Klaus Kicks Up Heels, Eyes Spot On Paper-Thin Phil Bench Lewis, Allen; 1963 
 17Ol' Prof Trying New System of Maneuvering With Mets Kremenko, Barney; 1965 
 18Nats Gave Nipponese Royal Welcome--This Winter Will Be Tigers' Turn Addie, Bob; 1966 
 19Case Replaces Klaus at York Helm n; 1967 
 20Kid Koselke Clicks as Senator Slugger; Toughest in Clutch Dupree, Ed; 1968 
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