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 1 Barton, George A.; 1930 
 2 Gutterman, Irving G.; 1932 
 3Hornsby's Successor Bloodgood, Clifford; 1932 
 4 Milne, Robert; 1932 
 5That Sophomore Slump Milne, Robert C.; 1937 
 6Laughing Boys Cannon, Ralph; 1937 
 7Yes, You Can Buy a Pennant Frank, Stanley; 1941 
 8The Dodgers 1941: Today and Yesterday in Brooklyn Baseball Hoard, Clinton H., ed.; Charles Dexter; 1941 
 9How to Play Second Base Webb, William J., Ed.; 1941 
 10Meyer Aided Billy Herman Barton, George A.; 1941 
 11  1941 
 12  1942 
 13Specific Suggestions On Catching, Pitching, Hitting, and Outfield Play  1944 
 14Herman, Mize, Vander Meer  1945 
 15Baseball's Traded Terrors Cohane, Tim; 1945 
 16So They Say Bryson, Bill; 1945 
 17Look To the Rookies! Fraley, Oscar; Illustrated by Willard Mullin; 1947 
 18Billy Herman, Baseball Brain; He Begins His Careers as a Manager With the Reputation of Being One of the Smartest Players in the National League Cohane, Tim; 1947 
 19Those Fellows Who "Take Charge" Drebinger, John; 1947 
 20Bill Meyer, Teach and Diplomat, Gives Pirates Different Type of Pilot Daniel, Daniel M.; 1947 
 21A Nice Bill to Collect Fay, William; 1947 
 22It's Raining Dollars in Pittsburgh Paxton, Harry T.; 1948 
 23Baseball's Softest Job: Getting Paid Not to Manage Drebinger, John; 1948 
 24Is the All-Star Jinx Still Alive? Rice, Grantland; 1951 
 25 Bennett, Biff; 1951 
 26The Fickle Winds of Autumn Lardner, John; 1952 
 27Can He Do It Again For the Dodgers? Frank, Stanley; 1953 
 28Dodger Coaches Given Permission to Negotiate  1953 
 29They Also Serve Steiger, Gus.; 1953 
 30The Rhubarb Patch: the Story of the Modern Brooklyn Dodgers Barber, Red, Pictures By Barney Stein; 1954 
 31The All-Time All-Star Team Ward, Arch; 1955 
 32We'll Hit Better Young, Dick; 1956 
 33The Playing Records of The Big-League Coaches Roth, Allan; 1956 
 34Sprouting Rhubarb  1958 
 35The Cubs' All-Time Best Graham, Frank, Jr.; 1958 
 36The Greatest Game I Ever Saw Herman, Billy; 1960 
 37Ted's Top Triumph in First Fens Classic: Williams Poled Two Homers, Pair of Singles in '46 Tilt; Splinter Toppled Or Tied Four Marks 15 Years Ago Hurwitz, Hy; 1961 
 38 Monahan, Leo; 1961 
 39Santo Hits Into 24th DP, Tying All-Time Cub Mark  1961 
 40Bosox Name Okrie as No. 1 Bull-Pen Aid Hurwitz, Hy; 1961 
 41Pesky Keeps Billy Herman, Drops Three Other Coaches  1962 
 42Yastrzemski Arrives Mann, Jack; 1963 
 43Jim Hearn Stumbles in Stretch, Hangs On to Cop Links Crown Burns, Jimmy; 1963 
 44Stuart's Hot Stick Sets Tempo for Red Sox Strut: Hub Players Hail Attitude of Ex-Pirate Monahan, Tom; 1963 
 45No More Playing Managers? Stann, Francis; 1965 
 46The Great Wall of Boston Mann, Jack; 1965 
 47A Crossover Play on a Ground Ball Hit Into the Hole? Vass, George; 1965 
 48Rock 'n' Roll: Hot New Disk by Conigliaro Claflin, Larry; 1965 
 49Red Sox Tap Brown as Hill Tutor When Barber Closes Shop Claflin, Larry; 1965 
 50`Game Coming Out of Doldrums'--Ted Claflin, Larry; 1965 
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