September 2, 2015
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 1Bill Goodman of the Boston Red Sox, One of the More Prominent Rookies of 1948  1949 
 2 Allen, Mel; 1950 
 3Solid Substitute  1950 
 4One Goodman Can Make the Difference; Billy Goes Unrecognized On Boston's Streets, But His Identity Is Known To the Pitchers Cohane, Tim; 1951 
 5That Modest Young Guy in the Outfield Hirshberg, Al; 1951 
 6 Bennett, Biff; 1951 
 7Boston Red Sox Povich, Shirley; 1951 
 8Good Man for Red Sox Maver, Alan; 1953 
 9  1953 
 10Boston Red Sox  1953 
 11Boston Red Sox  1953 
 12Williams Can Win For Boston Hirshberg, Al; 1954 
 13Boston's One-Man Ball Team Frank, Stanley; 1954 
 14Your Big-League Scrapbook #3 - The Boston Red Sox  1954 
 15Boston's Mr. Fixit Holbrook, Bob; 1954 
 16Versatility, Plus (Billy Goodman) Meany, Tom; 1956 
 17Versatility, Plus (Billy Goodman) Meany, Tom; 1956 
 18  1957 
 19Rich Relief Diet Giving Pale Hose Healthy Flag Hue Holtzman, Jerry; 1960 
 20The Few Who Haven't Heard Of Homers Bryson, Bill; 1960 
 21Slap-Hitters Fox, Goodman Show Muscle With Key HRs Munzel, Edgar; 1961 
 22Lefties Hutch, Goodman Win Golf Tourney  1962 
 23Is Place-Hitting Coming Back? Dexter, Charles; 1964 
 24Trader Richards Cool to Offers of `Biscuit for Loaf' Minshew, Wayne; 1968 
 25Yaz' Bat Crown Twelfth By Hub Lefty Since '41  1968 
 26Goodman, Atlanta Favorite of '40s, Returns as Coach  1968 
 27New Teammates Give Morgan Needle Lawson, Earl; 1972 
 28Parker-Led Americans Win GCL All-Star Tilt Brockman, John; 1974 
 29Are Major League Batting Championships Over-rated? Vass, George; 1975 
 30Billy Goodman Honig, Donald; 1976 
 31Billy Goodman Honig, Donald; 1976 
 32  1984 
 33These Batters Didn't Break Down The Fences! Sparks, Barry; 1984 
 34Billy Goodman - The Ultimate Utilityman Westcott, Rich; 1988 
 35Billy Goodman Sumner, Jim; 1993 
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