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 1 Young, A.S. "Doc"; 1955 
 2 Goodman, Irv; 1956 
 3New Faces of 1956 Zanger, Jack; 1956 
 4Bill Rigney and His Giants Noble, John Wesley; 1959 
 5Season in the Sun  1959 
 6It's Great To Be Traded  1959 
 7Bill White Ray, Ralph; 1960 
 8White Hits For Cycle  1960 
 9Jackson Speeds Along 20-Win Route After Sputtering Start Herman, Jack; 1960 
 10The Private World of the Negro Ballplayer Boyle, Robert; 1960 
 11Bartered Beauties Giving Bing Big Bang as Birds Bounce Back Herman, Jack; 1960 
 12Capt. Boyer Swings Busy Bat, Clears Path For Cardinal Climb Herman, Jack; 1960 
 13St. Louis Cardinals  1960 
 14St. Louis Cardinals  1960 
 15Year of the Homer(Contd.)  1961 
 16Cards Flap Wings, Led By Ex-Giants White and Taussig Russo, Neal; 1961 
 17White Tries Out New Mace, Goes On Socking Binge Kahan, Oscar; 1961 
 18Spring Training - Is It Fact Or Fancy?: Yanks Climb To Top After Florida Bust; Card Hurlers Hot in March, Frigid in May Burnes, Bob; 1961 
 19Singles-Swatting Cards Set Club Mark For Grand-Slams  1961 
 20Solly Tussles With Redbird Picket Puzzle Stockton, J. Roy; 1961 
 21Card Tutors Teach Vets New Tricks Stockton, Roy; 1961 
 22Solution Seen to Southern Segregation Problem Trimble, Joe; 1961 
 23Boyer Socked .326 at Home, Dipped to .280 in Road Tilts n; 1961 
 24Cardinals Hatching Big Plans for Three Promising Chicks: White, Miller, James Rated Classiest of Young Performers Ray, Ralph; 1961 
 25Decatur's Fans Toss Questions at Expert Panel Coppage, Joe; 1961 
 26Off-Season Athletes On Off-Beat Jobs  1962 
 27Should the Man Retire? His '62 Figures Say No Russo, Neal; 1962 
 28Defensive Dandies Can Hit, With Combined Mark of .291  1962 
 29Hubbs First Frosh To Cop Gold Glove Award: Record-Setting Keystoner Heads N.L. All-Star Fielders; Mays and Shantz Saluted For Sixth Straight Season Kahan, Oscar; 1962 
 30Stan Paced Lefty Hitters' Attack On Portsider Slants Kachline, Clifford; 1962 
 31St. Louis Cardinals Lang, Jack; 1962 
 32National League Managers' Confidential Player Ratings Lang, Jack; 1963 
 33Dick Groat and His Hitting Machine Bingham, Walter; 1963 
 34Trials of a Negro Idol Linn, Edward; 1963 
 35White Tunes Up For Fast Tempo With RBI Music Russo, Neal; 1963 
 36Yankees vs. ? n; 1963 
 37Bill White: "A Man Must Say What He Thinks Is Right" Gelman, Steve; 1964 
 38Baseball Has Done It Robinson, Jackie; edited by Charles Dexter.; 1964 
 39Bill White: Hot Hand in St. Loo Peck, Ira; 1964 
 40Photo Finish n; 1964 
 41Yanks Outclassed at Five Positions Burick, Si; 1964 
 42Baseball Has Done It Robinson, Jackie; 1964 
 43Inside Facts Roth, Allan; 1965 
 44A Negro Manager?: Some Day--It Could Be Gilliam or Elston Howard Grady, Sandy; 1965 
 45The Black Cats Are Stalking the Redbirds Mann, Jack; 1965 
 46Talk To the Stars  1965 
 47How Batting Averages Vary Against Foes: Sometimes the Difference is 342 Points! Simons, Herbert; 1965 
 48Inside Facts Roth, Allan; 1965 
 49Are You Ready For a Negro Manager? I Could Do the Job Aaron, Hank; with Jerome Holtzman; 1965 
 50Nothing Like a Dame at Writers' Banquet n; 1965 
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