July 6, 2015
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 1Bill Voiselle: the Marines Rejected His, But the Giants Cashed in On a Fighting Heart Graham, Frank; 1944 
 2Rookie Bill Voiselle, Most Durable and Dependable Giant Pitcher of 1944  1944 
 3Home Runs Are Heartbreaks Too Murray, Arch; 1945 
 4"The Luck"  1945 
 5V For Vim, Victory and Voiselle Smith, Ken; 1945 
 6Bill Voiselle, Giant Pitcher, Achieves Rookie Of The Year Laurels For 1944 Season Daniel, Daniel M.; 1945 
 7Famous Fines Recalled Daniel, Daniel M.; 1945 
 8Short Tales Winerip, Harold; 1946 
 9The Battle of the Bulge Miller, Hub; 1947 
 10Bill Voiselle  1947 
 11The Retread  1948 
 12Batboy of the Giants Garreau, Garth; 1948 
 13 Kilroy, Hank; 1948 
 14Select a Team Scientifically Smilgoff, James; 1949 
 15Will the Kids Hit the Skids? Lundquist, Carl; 1949 
 16Baseball Still Takes Nothing For Granted Drebinger, John; 1949 
 17The Turnover is Terrific Silverman, Al; 1955 
 18Out-Think the Hitter Mallette, Mal; 1958 
 19 Du Vall, Bob; 1973 
 20Rare Rookie Achievement: League Strikeout Title Rasmussen, Larry F.; 1982 
 21Why Major Leaguers Favor Certain Uniform Numbers Capel, Jim; 1990 
 22Bill Voiselle Was Key Member of '48 Braves Kelley, Brent; 1991 
 23Masters of the Diamond: Interviews With Players Who Began Their Careers More Than 50 Years Ago Westcott, Rich; 1994 
 24Bill Voiselle: Number 96, One Of A Kind Westcott, Rich; 1994 
 25Bill Voiselle: The Number-Three Starter Behind "Spahn and Sain" Skipper, John C.; 1996 
 26Bill Voiselle Kelley, Brent; 1997 
 27Bill Voiselle and the $500 Pitch Mayer, Bob; 1997 
 28Seasons: Standings, Leaders: 1944 James, Bill; John Dewan; Neil Munro; Don Zminda, eds.; 1998 
 29Rob Neyer's Favorite Nicknames Neyer, Rob; 1999 
 30Bill Voiselle Heyde, Jack; 2004 
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