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 1Stunts, Promotions, and Other Zany Ideas   
 2Hard-way Bill On the Mississippi   
 3Index For "Veeck As in Wreck," By Bill Veeck With Ed Linn. Compiled By Robert M. Boynton of SABR's Bibliography Committee Boynton, Robert M;  
 4Bill Veeck, the Press and the Glory Years in Cleveland Odenkirk, James;  
 5Editorial Comment  1920 
 6The Lasker Plan Veeck, William; 1920 
 7The Presidents and Managers of the Eight National League Baseball Clubs  1920 
 8What the Magnates Think of Baseball's Prospects  1920 
 9Baseball's Millionaires Drebinger, John; 1939 
 10You Could Look It Up Thurber, James; 1941 
 11You Could Look It Up Thurber, James; 1941 
 12You Could Look It Up Thurber, James; 1941 
 13Baseball to Boom in Milwaukee; New Owners Wealthy Barton, George; 1941 
 14'We're Rebuilding Brewers for 1942,' Grimm Declares Barton, George A.; 1941 
 15Boy Magnate Yoder, Robert M. and James S. Kearns; 1943 
 16Squirrel Night at the Brewers; Billy Veeck Built Attendance For the Milwaukee Brewers On the Assumption That People Like Surprises and a Hearty Laugh Hoffman, John C.; 1943 
 17Baseball's No.1 Screwball Grody, Ray; 1943 
 18Tough On Veeck  1944 
 19Nocturnal Madness Simons, Herbert; 1944 
 20Clap Hands, Here Come Charlie - Again Simons, Herbert; 1944 
 21And a Soup Bone, Too  1945 
 22"I Was a Newspaperman Once Myself…" McGowen, Roscoe; 1945 
 23Copy Sells Indians To Cleveland Rooters as Advertising's Top Fan Wins Account Reiners, Marjorie; 1946 
 24Ad Splurge Gives Cleveland Indians a Lift  1946 
 25Relief For the Indians  1946 
 26Baseball: Indians With Irium  1946 
 27Ball Games Return to Air in Cleveland as New Owner Reverses Former Policy  1946 
 28Transfusion of Indian Blood Smith, Red; 1946 
 29Fun Without Baseball Lardner, John; 1946 
 3032-Year-Old Marine Bill Veeck, New Type of Major League Magnate Daniel, Daniel M.; 1946 
 31Barnum of Baseball; Bill Veeck, Whose Razzle-Dazzle Is Backed With Solidy Baseball Savvy, Is the White Hope of the Cleveland Indians Frank, Stanley; 1947 
 32Baseball's Archvillain Patten, Pat and Harry T. Paxton; 1947 
 33Wisdom of the Past Lardner, John; 1947 
 34Bob Feller's Strikeout Story Feller, Bob; 1947 
 35Baseball: Veecksation  1948 
 36Lou Is Cleveland's Business Crichton, Kyle; Photos by Hy and David Peskin; 1948 
 37Selling a Ball Club To the Fans; Like Selling Anything Else, It Takes Smart Marketing of a Good Product. Bill Veeck Has Given Cleveland Both  1948 
 38They're Just Wild About Boudreau Frank, Stanley; 1948 
 39They're Just Wild About Boudreau Frank, Stanley; 1948 
 40Veeck, Bill  1948 
 41They Didn't Hire Him For Laughs Meany, Tom; 1949 
 42What's Wrong With Baseball...What Can Be Done About It Veeck, Bill; 1949 
 43Cleveland Command  1949 
 44So You Want To Run a Ball Club Veeck, Bill and Gordon Cobbledick; 1949 
 45Will Television Wreck Sports? Parker, Dan; 1949 
 46Man With the Pink Hair  1949 
 47Baseball: Magnate By Surprise  1949 
 48Handsome Admission  1949 
 49Subversive J. Influence Lardner, John; 1949 
 50The Man Who Captured Cleveland Gardner, Paul; 1949 
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