September 2, 2015
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 1Alexander I. Salerno and William Valentine v. American League of Professional Baseball Clubs   
 2Alston Was Just Another `Joe' to Umpire Valentine  1962 
 3Berry Hangs Up Indicator; A.L. Adds Four Umps Hurwitz, Hy; 1962 
 4Meet Major Umps--Unsung Diamond Artists: Six Rookies Make Bows This Season; Joe Paparella Now Dean of A.L. Callers Daniel, Dan; 1963 
 5Somers School For Umpires Draws Class of 70 Students  1963 
 6Stanky Spiked by Umpire in Ruckus at Home Plate n; 1967 
 7Conigliaro Beaned, May Be Lost to Bosox for Rest of Campaign n; 1967 
 8Spitball Ruling Will Aid Umps, Says Valentine Ready, Jack; 1967 
 9Threat of Umpire And Player Strikes Hanging Over Majors Isle, Stan; 1968 
 10`Come Let Us Reason Together'  1968 
 11Highlight Carry, Peter; 1968 
 12Ump Strike in Series `Wouldn't Have Mattered' Young, Dick; 1968 
 13Fired Umps Cindemned by A.L. Pilots Kaegel, Dick; 1968 
 14Arbiters' Union Will Act `Soon' on Fired Umps  1968 
 15Conditions and Comments Rubin, Bob; 1968 
 16Umpires  1968 
 17Wet and Wild--Bosox Booed After a Mud Bath Claflin, Larry; 1968 
 18A Crowd in Umps' Corner  1968 
 19Umps Vow Spring Strike Unless Pair is Rehired by A.L. Holtzman, Jerome; 1968 
 20Cronin Stirs Hornet Nest With Firing of Two Umps  1968 
 21Firing of A.L. Umps Salerno, Valentine Ignites Talk of Strike Schneider, Russell; 1968 
 22  1969 
 23  1969 
 24  1969 
 25Majors Jolted By NLRB Ruling On Umps Holtzman, Jerome; 1969 
 26Unfair Labor Charge Filed in Case of Ousted A.L. Umpires Holtzman, Jerome; 1969 
 27  1969 
 28Salerno, Valentine Seek $1,000,000 From A.L.  1969 
 29Key Issue Coming to a Boil Spink, C.C. Johnson; 1969 
 30Umpires $4 Million Monopoly Suit Spotlights Many Changes in Baseball  1969 
 31Salerno Balk Stymies Ump Agreement Holtzman, Jerome; 1970 
 32Stanky Goes to Bat for Ousted Umpires Craig, Jack; 1970 
 33Fired Umps, A.L. Awaiting Verdict Ryan, Bob; 1970 
 34Salerno, Valentine Lose Round to Trial Examiner  1970 
 35  1970 
 36Fired Umpires Testify Against Prexy Cronin Craig, Jack; 1970 
 37Kennedy To Testify For Ousted Umps Holtzman, Jerome; 1970 
 38  1970 
 39  1970 
 40Valentine Helps Texas in Ump Crisis  1970 
 41Flood Called To Testify as Trust Trial Opens  1970 
 42Umps' Strike Vote, 35 to 12 Holtzman, Jerome; 1970 
 43End of the Line For Umps' Case  1971 
 44The Sad Story of Bill Valentine Holtzman, Jerome; 1971 
 45Two Major Additions To the Minors Kaplan, Jim; 1976 
 46Bill Valentine Back Where He Started Morrow, Fred; 1976 
 47Thompson Tabbed Tops After Travs' Turnaround Lassiter, Jim; 1977 
 48Lady Ump in Majors? It Won't Be Long Young, Dick; 1982 
 49Wilhelmi Reverse Is Perfect Game Brazzel, Kim; 1983 
 50This Job-seeker Sees His Dream Come True Koenig, Bill; 1991 
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