August 31, 2015
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 1Brewers Prime Parsons as Starter Whiteside, Larry; 1970 
 2Chambliss Writers' Choice Lang, Jack; 1971 
 3Rookie Parsons Pride of Brewer Hill Whiteside, Larry; 1971 
 4Kids Add Kicker To Brewer Hill Plan Whiteside, Larry; 1971 
 5A Vintage Year For Baseball Rookies? Try 1948 Henkey, Ben; 1971 
 6Parsons Choice Entry in Rookie Race Whiteside, Larry; 1971 
 7Baseball Digest's 1971 All-Star Rookie Team Vass, George; 1971 
 8Ken Sanders: Brewer Bullpen Jewel Whiteside, Larry; 1972 
 9Brewers' Skip...Red Hot or Cold as Ice Whiteside, Larry; 1972 
 10Lane Still Sees Brewer Beams as Sun Sinks Slowly in West Whiteside, Larry; 1972 
 11New Delivery in Parsons Message Whiteside, Larry; 1973 
 12Parsons Seeks Trade Following A Look at Sacramento Stadium Chapman, Lou; 1974 
 13Solons Dislike Becoming Little Shavers for Brewers n; 1974 
 14Brewers Seeking Solutions to Parsons Mystery Chapman, Lou; 1974 
 15Parsons' New Sermon: Virtues of Confidence Chapman, Lou; 1974 
 16Stock Miffs Solon Exec By Old Coaching Stint n; 1974 
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