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 1 Morse, Jacob C.; 1908 
 2Some Well-Known Heroes of the Green Diamond  1908 
 3The Rulers of the Game Moss, E.B.; 1909 
 4Freak Plays in Baseball Casey, Harry J.; 1910 
 5The Fan and the Umpire Evans, Billy; 1911 
 6Close Decisions: An "Inside" Study of the Life, the Work, the Difficulties and the Humor of a Baseball Umpire Fullerton, Hugh S.; 1911 
 7Batter-Up Evans, Billy; 1914 
 8The Game's Best Umpire Goewey, Ed A.; Illustrated by Eugene Zimmerman; 1914 
 9Evers and the Umpires Stack, C.P.; 1914 
 10Klem Had the Correct Dope Goewey, Ed A.; Illustrated by "Zim"; 1914 
 11  1915 
 12The Old Arbitrator Williams, Joe; 1918 
 13The High Spirit of Sportsmanship: "Play Up, Pay Up, and Shut Up When Beaten" Broun, Heywood; 1922 
 14"Big Six "-- A Christmas Present You Will Never Forget  1922 
 15Chapter IV: Battling For Life With a Mob Evans, Billy; 1925 
 16What's the Matter With the Big League Teams?  1925 
 17Tough Customers Demaree, Al; Illustrations by Al Demaree; 1927 
 18The Villians (sic) of the World's Series Drama Sanborn, Irving E.; 1927 
 19"I Don't Read the Sports Pages" Williams, Joe; 1929 
 20Bumping the Umps Demaree, Al; Illustrated by Al Demaree; 1929 
 21Man in a Blue Suit Busch, Niven, Jr.; 1929 
 22Lively Ball Ruining Game, Umpire Klem Asserts Barton, George A.; 1930 
 23How the Umpire Sees' Em Bulger, Bozeman; 1931 
 24Umpire Bradley, Hugh; 1932 
 25Always Right Kennedy, John B.; 1933 
 26St. Louis Cardinals 11, Detroit Tigers 0 Drebinger, John; 1934 
 27Umpires: Tradition Crashes as Bill Klem Is Proved Fallible  1934 
 28Umps Williams, Joe; 1936 
 29 Washington, Chester L.; 1937 
 30He Ruled The Diamond By Kindness Ward, John J.; 1937 
 31And Make It Stick Klem, Bill; 1939 
 32The Old Arbitrator Lardner, John; 1939 
 33An Umpire Looks at the World Series; Big-Time Jitters! - a Close-Up of Tense Moments in "The Biggest Show On Earth" McGowan, Bill; as told to Jerry D. Lewis; 1939 
 34How the Umpires Figure It Gould, James M.; 1939 
 35'Tis a Fine Body o' Men They Are Gould, James M.; 1939 
 36  1939 
 37How the Umpires Figure It Gould, James M.; 1939 
 38Foghorn Considine, Bob; 1940 
 39  1940 
 40Rough Riders of the Dugout Frank, Stanley; 1941 
 41Baseball Quiz Klem, W.J. "Bill"; 1941 
 42Longines the Most Honored Watch in Baseball  1941 
 43Life of An Ump Simons, Herbert; 1942 
 44MacPhail and Farewell  1942 
 45How To Bait An Umpire Mann, Arthur; 1943 
 46Safe!  1944 
 47World Series Team DeLuxe Rumill, Ed; 1944 
 48Umpires Are Human Mann, Arthur; 1945 
 49Announcing the Resumption of the George Barr Umpire School  1946 
 50Heave-Ho Bloodgood, Clifford; 1946 
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