September 4, 2015
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 1Astros Tap Five as Top Hill Prospects Wilson, John; 1970 
 2TV Reveals Poor Spelling  1971 
 3Padres Gambling Heavily On Thomas Cour, Paul; 1971 
 4Meteoric Rise by Padres' Caldwell Collier, Phil; 1972 
 5Greif Could Spell Grief for Padres' Rivals Collier, Phil; 1972 
 6Credit Craig for Padre Hill Phenoms Collier, Phil; 1972 
 7Phoebus Finds Niche as a Fireman Cour, Paul; 1972 
 81972 Season Full of Grief For Padres' Hurler Greif n; 1972 
 9Padre Pitching Corps Unfrocked by Injuries Collier, Phil; 1972 
 10Padres' Greif Spreading Grief Among the Astros Collier, Phil; 1973 
 11Padres Approve Cheaters--If They're on Kendall Collier, Phil; 1973 
 12Caldwell and Greif Struggle to Save Sinking Padres Collier, Phil; 1973 
 13Padre Collection Plate Filled With Rich Talent Collier, Phil; 1973 
 14Rivals Already Quake at Padres' Wicked Bats Collier, Phil; 1974 
 15Padres' Hopes Spurred by Revival of Pitching Collier, Phil; 1974 
 16Padre Kid Hurlers Rate Barton Bow Collier, Phil; 1974 
 17Padre Hurlers Tame Hitters With New Deliveries Collier, Phil; 1974 
 18Baseball's Most Futile Hitters Lewis, Allen; 1975 
 19Playing Ketchup Out West Fimrite, Ron; 1975 
 20Moves by Padres Make Frisella a Happy Fella Collier, Phil; 1976 
 21Arm Mended, Ferguson Vows to Avoid Fisticuffs Verrell, Gordon; 1976 
 22Devine Resumes Shuffling Cards--6-Man Swap Russo, Neal; 1976 
 23Expos Must Do Selling Job on Life in Montreal MacDonald, Ian; 1976 
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