September 1, 2015
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 1Lefty Howie Kitt Sets Whiff Mark in Hearst Classic Rokeach, Murray; 1960 
 2Tigers Ink Two Kid Catchers - Shift One To Garden Duty Spoelstra, Watson; 1961 
 3Fetzer Nabs Phenom For 100 Gs, Raps System of Corraling Talent Spoelstra, Watson; 1961 
 4Freehan a Hit Before His Tigers Debut Green, Doc; 1962 
 5Appling and Ozark Tie in Voting To Pick A.A.'s Skipper of Year: Four Indians On League All-Star Team Haraway, Frank; 1962 
 6Aguirre, McAuliffe Expected to Pocket Bengal Pay Boosts Spoelstra, Watson; 1962 
 7Farm Chiefs Rank Bailey Regal Rookie Kachline, Clifford; 1963 
 8Shoe Polish Clue Backfires Against Baltimore Hackshaw  1963 
 9Bengals Wallow in Quicksand, Grasp at Frosh Freehan's Bat Spoelstra, Watson; 1963 
 10Scheffing Gives Plus to Gus in Adding Up Bengal Credits Spoelstra, Watson; 1963 
 11Force-Fed Kids Crash Major Lineups: Teen-Agers Land Posts in Big Time Burnes, Bob; 1963 
 12Detroit Tigers Lebovitz, Hal; 1963 
 13The 1969 All-Star Team Devaney, John; 1964 
 14Bill Freehan, Man and Boy Falls, Joe; 1965 
 15Game's Next Super Star?--Tigers' Bill Freehan Falls, Joe; 1965 
 16The Willie Horton Explosion Falls, Joe; 1965 
 17Freehan Scoops Up Queries on Tiger Press-Radio Tour n; 1965 
 18Busy Winter for Freehan; Sees Happy Tiger Summer Spoelstra, Watson; 1965 
 19Ticklish Tiger Problem Up to Freehan: Young Catcher Rated Key to Revival of Mound Staff Spoelstra, Watson; 1965 
 20Freehan Rooting for His Pal Fisher to Win Tiger Hill Job n; 1965 
 21Bill Only Half a Step Slower Than Cochrane, Claims Rick n; 1965 
 22Pilot Dressen to Let Catcher Bat in No. 2 Slot for Tigers n; 1965 
 23Player of the Week Weiskopf, Harold; 1966 
 24Ten Cadidates for Superstardom: But Will Anyone Make It? Allen, Maury; 1966 
 25Roarke Rushes to Aid of Ailing Bengal Mittmen Spoelstra, Watson; 1966 
 26White Sox Prove Sure Cure For Whatever Ails McLain n; 1966 
 2719 of 20 Votes Go To Red Sox Star Durso, Joseph; 1967 
 28Freehan Feeling Rosy Over Black and Blue Marks Spoelstra, Watson; 1967 
 29Mayo, Moses Revive Bark in Bill's Bludgeon Spoelstra, Watson; 1967 
 301,000 Tip Hats to Bengals at Capuchin Dinner Spoelstra, Watson; 1967 
 31Tigers Concoct a Win Formula--Sain Plus Lolich Spoelstra, Watson; 1967 
 32Kaline, Freehan Connect on No. 13 Trips to Plate n; 1967 
 33Cash Sets Fast Pace for Bengal `Shock Troops' Spoelstra, Watson; 1967 
 34Freehan Caught the Route in 15-Inning Star Contest n; 1967 
 35Motor City Fans Have Hero--Earl Big Man at Bat, on Mound Spoelstra, Watson; 1967 
 36Tigers' Hiller Paints Fancy Picture With a Whitewash Brush Spoelstra, Watson; 1967 
 37Tigers Toss Kaline, Freehan Into MVP Race Spoelstra, Watson; 1967 
 38Sox and Tigers Collide, Rub Chins, Back Off to Race Again Holtzman, Jerome; 1967 
 39You Wouldn't Believe Bengals' Misfortunes: Mumps, Riot, Fall Down Stairs Took Toll Falls, Joe; 1967 
 40Freehan Frequent Target n; 1967 
 41Shocked Freehan Gets Thumb for First Time n; 1967 
 42Mayo Changes His Mind; Freehan Back at Gateway n; 1967 
 43Joe Sparma Spoelstra, Watson; 1967 
 44Fifth-Place Angels Were First in Fielding: Flag Winner Boston Far Down List n; 1967 
 45Three Tigers Top A.L. Star Team: Twin Rookie Carew Wins at 2nd Base Kahan, Oscar; 1967 
 46Freehan Earns No. 1 Mitt Label, Bengals Assert Spoelstra, Watson; 1967 
 47Kaline a Gold Glover for Tenth Time: Bengal Star Heads A.L.'s Defense Club Henkey, Ben; 1967 
 48Defensive Stars Swing Bats for .290 Average n; 1967 
 49Gibson, Freehan, Parker Were Fielding Standouts n; 1967 
 50Tigers' Starters Are Finest in Baseball, Wilson Insists Spoelstra, Watson; 1967 
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