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 1Ex-Backstop Campaneris Slick Shortstop Prospect  1963 
 2All-Star Rookies On the Town  1965 
 3Bat and Speed Speak for Campy: Language No Barrier at Plate McGuff, Joe; 1965 
 4Wayne Causey's Law of Survival Twombly, Wells; 1965 
 5A New Breed of Shortstops Gordon, Dick; 1965 
 6Jackie Robinson Rates Today's Base-stealers Robinson, Jackie; 1966 
 7The Bert Campaneris Timetable Cartwright, Gary; 1966 
 8Otero Named Lions' Pilot--Lipon, Noga Also Back at Helm Moncada, Eduardo; 1966 
 9 Roth, Allan; 1967 
 10A's Look at Lauzerique--and Get Only One Hit n; 1967 
 11Campaneris Quits Fags, Steps Up Base Theft Pace n; 1967 
 12California Woman Names Campy in Paternity Suit n; 1967 
 13Campy: A Rocket in A's Arsenal: Two-Time Base-Stealing King on Verge of Becoming Blue-Ribbon at Shortstop McGuff, Joe; 1967 
 14Little Campy Didn't Look Much Like a Ball Player n; 1967 
 15Tiant Cool to Advent of Summer n; 1967 
 16A's Ace Nash Cuts Food Intake in Fight to Lose Extra Suet McGuff, Joe; 1967 
 17Speed-Boy Looie Seldom Caught in Base-Stealing Act: .694 Success Pace Elliot, Jim; 1967 
 18Improving A's Still Need Power to Rise Lewis, Allen; 1967 
 19Campy and Rick Are A's Untouchables, Says Finley n; 1967 
 20Cactus Pack is Enveloped By Dodgers' Desert Dust Gianelli, Frank; 1967 
 21Bert Campaneris and the Better Life Libby, Bill; 1968 
 22Top Player in A.L.? Pilots Hem And Haw...Tap Yaz Falls, Joe; 1968 
 23A 25-Point Sag, But Yaz Still Reigns Henkey, Ben; 1968 
 24Can Computer Pick Prospects? Spink, C.C. Johnson; 1968 
 25A's Kennedy Tries Shakewell Treatment Bergman, Ron; 1968 
 26Oakland Dingy? Well, It's Home Sweet Home to A's Twombly, Wells; 1968 
 2717 Big-Time Players Try New Style Shoes Which Have Aluminum Spikes  1968 
 28Valencia is Missing, But Venezuela Loop Will Field Six Clubs Moncada, Eduardo; 1968 
 29Blue Moon, Two Other Stars Put Athletics on Cloud Nine Bergman, Ron; 1968 
 30Kennedy Tip Turns Campy Into Wild West Gunslinger Bergman, Ron; 1968 
 31Campy Thinks He Can Break His Theft Mark  1968 
 32A's Infield Best in A.L.--That's Bando's Opinion  1969 
 33A's Hope to Fatten Up With Cater-ing Program At Plate Bergman, Ron; 1969 
 34Harper Flys for Pilots  1969 
 35Bull Filling Bill for Athletics, Swishing Stick and in Pasture Bergman, Ron; 1969 
 36Up, Down...A's Shuttling Chattels Like Chessmen Bergman, Ron; 1969 
 37Versatility Will Count in Nats' Future Book  1969 
 38Can Campy Flash With Segui Gone? Bergman, Ron; 1969 
 39  1969 
 40 Roth, Allan; 1969 
 41What Is This Man Doing? Rubin, Bob; 1969 
 42A's Campaneris Shooting for New Theft Mark Walter, Bucky; 1970 
 43Leadoff Hitters Are a Breed Apart Rumill, Ed; 1970 
 44Quiet Campy Stealing Thunder...and Bases Bergman, Ron; 1970 
 45Developing Hitters Weiskopf, Don; 1970 
 46Rudi Is A's Mr. Nice Guy, Except To Enemy Hurlers Bergman, Ron; 1971 
 47As She Is Spoke  1972 
 48  1972 
 49Peace and Good Will? Twombly, Wells; 1972 
 50Experts at Sounding Off n; 1972 
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