August 30, 2015
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 1The American Baseball League Leaders of 1905  1905 
 2Mack vs. McGraw; When Giant Meets While Elephant Phelon, William A.; 1911 
 3The Business of Baseball Woolley, Edward Mott; 1912 
 4The Third Degree For Baseball Lockhart, Edgar; 1920 
 5  1922 
 6All Japan Nine Picked: the First Professional Team  1934 
 7A Baseball Yarn Made Home Run Heroes Wolfe, Edgar Forest; 1940 
 8The Fire Eater Berkowitz, Henry J.; 1941 
 9Shibe Park (Philadelphia) Ritter, Lawrence; 1992 
 10Philadelphia Baseball's Unappreciated Founders:(Al Reach and Ben Shibe Casway, Jerrold; 2003 
 11Base Ball in Philadelphia: A History of the Early Game, 1831-1900 Shiffert, John; 2006 
 12Benjamin Franklin Shibe Schimler, Stuart; 2006 
 13Connie Mack and the Early Years of Baseball Macht, Norman L.; 2007 
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