August 30, 2015
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 1Timely Tips Put Schaffernoth On Winning Track Nealon, Clark; 1960 
 2Vet Schultz Iron Man of Cub Bull Pen Munzel, Edgar; 1961 
 3Cubs Measuring Socking Santo For Senior Loop All-Star Berth Holtzman, Jerry; 1961 
 4`New Strike Zone Helping Low-Ball Hurlers'--Banks Enright, James; 1963 
 5Cackle  1964 
 6Knuckling Under n; 1964 
 7Leagues Switch Mound Styles? Robinson, Murray; 1964 
 8Cards Chop Dead Wood; Protect 2 Young Sluggers Russo, Neal; 1967 
 9Cards Benefit From Keeping Linzy Russo, Neal; 1971 
 10Steve Ditches 'Made in Japan' Slider Russo, Neal; 1971 
 11Pitching Coaches Select Baseball's Outstanding Pitcher Prato, Lou; 1972 
 12Prospect of 13th Loss in a Row Spurs Santorini to Snap His Hex Russo, Neal; 1972 
 13Wise Finds a Few Crumbs as Redbirds Boycott Meat Russo, Neal; 1973 
 14Prankster Pena Unfunny to Redbird Rivals Russo, Neal; 1973 
 15Redbirds Will Do or Die With Potent Pitching Russo, Neal; 1973 
 16Change-Up, Chance Spell Success for Cards' Foster Russo, Neal; 1973 
 17Redbirds Find an Idaho Hot Potato--Reliever Garman Russo, Neal; 1974 
 18Barney's Brigade Bails Out Bird Starting Corps Russo, Neal; 1974 
 19Cards' Press Guide a Real Grand Slam Russo, Neal; 1974 
 20Bird Pen Mightier Than Foes' Swords Russo, Neal; 1974 
 21Reed Should Rely on Blazer, Phils Told Kelly, Ray; 1976 
 22Change-Up to Make Me Better Pitcher, Says Denny Russo, Neal; 1976 
 23Cubs Already Tops--in Coaches--Says Franks Holtzman, Jerome; 1976 
 24Are Baseballs Livelier? It's An Old Refrain Holtzman, Jerome; 1977 
 25A New Breed of Baseball Hero: The Relief Pitcher Vass, George; 1977 
 26Catchers and Pitchers McCarver, Tim; 1987 
 27One Shining Season Fedo, Michael; 1991 
 28Barney Schultz Fedo, Michael; 1991 
 29The Blue Rocks Past and Present: Wilmington's Baseball Team, 1940-1999 Chance, Elbert; 2000 
 30Barney Schultz: A Cardinal's Baseball Odyssey Stahl, John; 2007 
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