August 28, 2015
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 1Cuban Refugee Hurdling Barriers Wilstach, Nancy; 1981 
 2Garbey, Not Garvey Steiner, Stephen; 1981 
 3More Problems For Garbey  1983 
 4Baseball Probes Garbey Cuban Fix Admission Swanson, Pete; 1983 
 5Two Dreams Drive Triplets' Garbey: Politics No, Baseball Yes Swanson, Pete; 1983 
 6Tigers Anticipate Logjam at Third Gage, Tom; 1983 
 7Player Is Suspended For Clubbing Heckler The Associated Press; 1983 
 8Cuba Player Tells of Fixed Games The Associated Press; 1983 
 9Weiskopf, Herman; 1983 
 10Top '84 Rookie? It's Fernandez Again Gammons, Peter; 1984 
 11Wilson Joins Candidates at Third Gage, Tom; 1984 
 12Garbey Tough Clutch Hitter Gage, Tom; 1984 
 13Introducing...The 1984 Tigers: Who Are These Guys Terrorizing the American League? Downey, Mike; 1984 
 14A Boom Year For Rookies  1984 
 15A Cuban With Clout Lapointe, Joe; 1984 
 16Who'll Play Third For Tigers? Gage, Tom; 1985 
 17Cuba: the Talent Is Untouchable Schneider, Russell; 1985 
 18A's Unload Collins For Garbey Stier, Kit; 1985 
 19Never Get This Close ot Anything You Love Krich, John; 1985 
 20 Stier, Kit; 1986 
 21Mexico City Captures Crown Behind Garbey Otero, Salo; 1992 
 22Cleveland Indians  1995 
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