September 2, 2015
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 1Flag-Winning Reds Grab Mexican Player Laurels Hernandez, Roberto; 1968 
 2Sore-Armed Lopez Flips 1-0 No-Hitter vs. Ciudad  1969 
 3Reds, Gomez Palacio Reach Mexico Finals Hernandez, Roberto; 1974 
 4Mexico City Reds Win With Sweep Hernandez, Roberto; 1974 
 5MVP Lopez Stars in Mexican Playoffs Morales, Tomas; 1977 
 6Redbirds Try To Right Ship With 3 Unproven Lefties Russo, Neal; 1978 
 7Senor Smoke Caught Fire Under Sparky Gage, Tom; 1979 
 8Tigers' Relievers Are Zero Heroes Henning, Lynn; 1981 
 9Hot News: Return of Senor Smoke Gage, Tom; 1982 
 10Tigers Are Minus Wilson and Lopez Gage, Tom; 1982 
 11Healthy Lopez Vital To Tigers' Plans Gage, Tom; 1982 
 12Lopez' Old Fastball Gives Tigers Relief Gage, Tom; 1983 
 13An Unlikely Trio Fires Up Tigers Gage, Tom; 1983 
 14Lopez May Solve Tiger Relief Puzzle Gage, Tom; 1983 
 15n; 1983 
 16Hernandez Tigers' New Bullpen Ace Gage, Tom; 1984 
 17Bullpen, Third Base Worries For Tigers Gammons, Peter; 1984 
 18Bless You Boys: Diary of the Detroit Tigers' 1984 Season Anderson, Sparky; with Dan Ewald; 1984 
 19Fans Show Lopez Their Booing Side Ggae, Tom; 1985 
 20Trades and Injuries Leave Tigers Short Gage, Tom; 1985 
 21Family's Safety Eases Lopez's Pain Gage, Tom; 1985 
 22 Hohlfeld, Neil; 1986 
 23Lopez Weighs Chances  1986 
 24Hizzoner Smoke Rodewald, James; 1991 
 25Died Guard, Sally; 1992 
 26Lopez, Tigers Reliever, Killed in Mexico  1992 
 27Franchise All-Nickname Teams: Tigers Zminda, Don; 1999 
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