August 29, 2015
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 1  1892 
 2  1896 
 3The Boston Braves Kaese, Harold; 1948 
 4The Boston Braves Kaese, Harold; 1951 
 5The Milwaukee Braves Kaese, Harold; R.G. Lynch; 1954 
 6Cheapskates: The Stingiest Misers In The Majors Nash, Bruce And Allan Zullo; 1985 
 7Baseball in 1889: Players vs. Owners Pearson, Daniel M.; 1993 
 8Brother Against Brother: Events and Final Days of Professional Baseball's 1879 Season Wright, Jerry Jaye; 1995 
 9Arthur H. Soden Eldred, Rich; 1996 
 10Best Bet in Beantown Rowe, G.S.; 2003 
 11Cap Anson 2: The Theatrical and Kingly Mike Kelly, U.S. Team Sport's First Media Sensation and Baseball's Original Casey at the Bat Rosenberg, Howard W.; 2004 
 12Squeeze Play in Beantown Rowe, G.S.; 2004 
 13The Boston Braves, 1871-1953 Kaese, Harold; 2004 
 14Double Play in Beantown Rowe, G.S.; 2005 
 15Orator O'Rourke: The Life of a Baseball Radical Roer, Mike; 2005 
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