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 13 Bonnets in Brave Gateway Ring Minshew, Wayne; 1973 
 2Braves Display Muscle in Ending Losing Ways n; 1973 
 3Mathews Hails Pepi as All-Out, Hustling Player Minshew, Wayne; 1973 
 4Andy Thornton Dandy Aero Home Run Hitter n; 1973 
 5Booming Aero Thornton Joins Forget Pepi Lineup Swagerty, John; 1973 
 6Rookies in Braves' First-Base Picture Minshew, Wayne; 1973 
 7Mathews Cites Shortstop as Braves No. 1 Headache Minshew, Wayne; 1973 
 8Griffey Leads A.A. Parade Swanson, Pete; 1973 
 9Baseball Digest's 1974 Rookie All-Star Team Vass, George; 1974 
 10Whitey Picks Kids For Cubs' Roster, Drops Vet Pappas Dozer, Richard; 1974 
 11Whitey Picks Kids For Cubs' Roster, Drops Vet Pappas Dozer, Richard; 1974 
 12Kid Corps Kepps Cub Vets Hustling Dozer, Richard; 1974 
 13New Cub Image Returns Williams to Garden Dozer, Richard; 1974 
 14Cubs Tap Marshall to Continue Operation Juggle Dozer, Richard; 1974 
 15Thornton Geared for Big Year in 1975 Holtzman, Jerome; 1974 
 16Bruins Turn to Monday to Supply Sunday Punch Holtzman, Jerome; 1975 
 17Marshall Sees a Stronger Cub Attack Holtzman, Jerome; 1975 
 18Cubs to Step Up Search for Lefthanded Hurling Dozer, Richard; 1976 
 19Renko Wanted Off Relief, So Expos Make Him a Cub Dunn, Bob; 1976 
 20Thornton Goes, But Cub Questions Stay Dozer, Richard; 1976 
 21Thornton Heading Cubs' List of Six Non-Signers Dozer, Richard; 1976 
 22Docs Work Overtime Repairing Expo Cripples Dunn, Bob; 1976 
 23Home-Area Prize for Phillies Smith, J.W.; 1976 
 24Jorgensen on List of Expo Expendables Dunn, Bob; 1976 
 25Boom of Thunder Has Silvr Lining For Tribe Schneider, Russell; 1977 
 26Indians' New Balance Excites Robby Schneider, Russell; 1977 
 27Thornton, in Midst of Grief, Expresses Thanks Schneider, Russell; 1977 
 28Born-Again Hood Flashes New Speed as Indian Schneider, Russell; 1978 
 29Injuns Boast Fence-Busting Duo in Thornton, Alexander Sudyk, Bob; 1978 
 30These Are the Seven Most Improved Young Players Vass, George; 1978 
 31Discarding Cork-Filled Bat Thornton's Biggest Moment Sudyk, Bob; 1978 
 32Thornton and Simmons Win Player of Week Accolades  1978 
 33There Are the Majors' 20 Most Under-Rated Players Goddard, Joe; 1978 
 34Indians Making Skies Shake For Thunder Thornton Sudyk, Bob; 1978 
 35Thornton Chosen Winner of Danny Thompson Award  1978 
 36The Inner Strength of Andre Thornton Singerman, Philip; 1979 
 37Thornton Pact Boosts Indian Image Sudyk, Bob; 1979 
 38Power, Pitching Shortages Stymie Tribe Sudyk, Bob; 1980 
 39Kuiper Tops Tribe Casualty List Sudyk, Bob; 1980 
 40Andre Still Ailing  1980 
 41Thornton Sheds 10 Pounds, Takes a Whack at Critics Sudyk, Bob; 1980 
 42Unheralded Players Deserving Discovery Gammons, Peter; 1980 
 43Injury-Plagued Indians Not Laughing Sudyk, Bob; 1981 
 44Injury Takes Annual Whack at Thornton Sudyk, Bob; 1981 
 45Long-Idle Thornton Finds HR Eye Sudyk, Bob; 1981 
 46Harrah, Thornton Come Full Circle Pluto, Terry; 1982 
 47Thunder, But No Gray Skies Telander, Rick; 1982 
 48Thornton Bears Up Under Heavy Burdens Pluto, Terry; 1982 
 49Super Joe Handed Ticket To Minors Pluto, Terry; 1982 
 50Tribe's Thornton Keeps the Faith Pluto, Terry; 1982 
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