August 27, 2015
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 1Al Lewis Pilfers No. 116; One of Top Marks in O.B. n; 1966 
 2Lewis Wins Bat Title-In Absentia Montilla, Alberto; 1968 
 3Lewis Making Mark As Pinch Runner Davids, L. Robert; 1974 
 4Unstoppable Under Pressure Goldberg, Hy; 1974 
 5Finley's Washington Pan Proving Capital Idea Koppett, Leonard; 1974 
 6The Unlikeliest of Series Heroes Bisher, Furman; 1978 
 7Place Hitters (and Pitchers) (cont.) Zminda, Don; 1999 
 8Leg Men: Career Pinch-Runners in Major League Baseball Blau, Clifford; 2009 
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