August 30, 2015
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 1Alexander Joy Cartwright  1845 
 2The History of Baseball Rankin, William M.; 1909 
 3Before the Professionals Came Irwin, Will; 1909 
 4One of Baseball's Founders Cartwright, Bruce; 1910 
 5 Goewey, Ed. A.; 1911 
 6No. 9 - Who Invented the Baseball Diamond?  1923 
 7No. 12 - Baseball Westward Ho!  1923 
 8Calling Them with George Moriarty Moriarty, George; 1924 
 9'Calling Them' with George Moriarty Moriarty, George; 1924 
 10Baseball - Major Menke, Frank; 1939 
 11Doubleday, Baseball's Patron Saint Daniel, Daniel M.; 1939 
 12Baseball's Birth and Growth  1941 
 13Centennial of Cartwright's Diamond Puts Stress on Baseball's Miracle Daniel, Daniel M.; 1946 
 14Originator of Organized Baseball Furukawa, S. F; 1947 
 15The Story of Baseball in Words and Pictures Durant, John; 1947 
 16Baseball: A Historical Narrative of the Game, the Men Who Have Played It and Its Place in American Life Smith, Robert; 1947 
 17 Durant, John; 1947 
 18Difference of Opinion Tarvin, A.H.; 1947 
 19Inventor Said To Have Been Alexander Joy Cartwright Smith, Robert; 1948 
 20The Story of Baseball in Words and Pictures Durant, John; 1949 
 21Alexander Cartwright: The Original Mr. Baseball Smith, Robert; 1952 
 22Baseball's Ten Most Repeated Questions Rosenthal, Harold; 1955 
 23Alexander Joy Cartwright: a Freemason Was the Father of Baseball Erikson, Jerry R.; 1962 
 2490-Foot Bases Adopted in 1845  1963 
 25The American Diamond: A Documentary of the Game of Baseball Rickey, Branch; with Robert Riger; 1965 
 26Alexander Cartwright Allen, Lee; and Tom Meany; 1965 
 27Alexander Cartwright Rickey, Branch; with Robert Riger; drawings by Robert Riger; 1965 
 28The Story of Baseball Rosenburg, John; 1968 
 29Baseball's Johnny Appleseed Peterson, Harold; 1969 
 30Baseball Smith, Robert; 1970 
 31The Man Who Invented Baseball Peterson, Harold; 1973 
 32Everything You Always Wanted to Know About The Man Who Invented Baseball Yardley, Jonathan; 1973 
 33Another Major Reverse For General Doubleday Pollack, Joe; 1973 
 34Cartwright Exhibit Big Hit of Winter League Confab  1977 
 35Alexander Cartwright's Encore Bowman, Jesse; 1977 
 36Pioneers of Baseball Smith, Robert; 1978 
 37Alexander Joy Cartwright, Real Father Of The Game Smith, Robert; 1978 
 38Alexander Cartwright Reidenbaugh, Lowell; 1983 
 39Striking Out Ol' Abner McCoy, Bob; 1985 
 40Up at the Hall Angell, Roger; 1987 
 41Up at the Hall Angell, Roger; 1987 
 42Up at the Hall Angell, Roger; 1987 
 43Up at the Hall Angell, Roger; 1987 
 44Cartwright, Alexander Joy, Jr. LeCompte, Mary Lou; 1987 
 45Edisons Of The Game Broeg, Bob And William J. Miller, Jr.; 1988 
 46The Creation Myths of Cooperstown Gould, Stephen Jay; 1989 
 47Alexander Cartwright Kaplan, Jim and Dick Perez; 1989 
 48The Talk of the Town: Myth  1990 
 49The Old Ball Game Alvarez, Mark; 1990 
 50Hoboken, Alexander Cartwright, & the Beginnings of Baseball - with a note on the Doubleday Myth Acocella, Nicholas; 1991 
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