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 1Albert Goodwill Spalding  1870 
 2Chicago News: Spalding Makes a Denial - The Chicago Club's New Ground, Etc.  1883 
 3Poster From Albert G. Spalding's Baseball Tour  1888 
 4To the Public Spalding, Albert G.; 1889 
 5  1889 
 6The League Players' Revolt of 1889  1890 
 7Spalding Interviewed; He Tells of that Big Offer to King Kelly of Boston  1890 
 8  1896 
 9Baseball Government Of The Future Spalding, A.G.; 1902 
 10What is the Origin of Base Ball? Spalding, Albert G.; 1905 
 11The Origin of Base Ball Spalding, Albert G.; 1906 
 12The Origin of Base Ball Sullivan, James E.; 1907 
 13The National Game Spink, Alfred H.; 1910 
 14America's National Game Spalding, Albert G.; 1911 
 15The National Game, Second Edition Spink, Alfred H.; 1911 
 16A Letter to A.G. Spalding Thayer, Fred W.; 1911 
 17The Spalding Baseball Collection  1922 
 18Baseball's First Holdout McEligot, J. Warren; 1934 
 19Barnstorming For Fun And Profit Burr, Harold C.; 1937 
 20Baseball in Old Chicago Federal Writers' Project (Illinois) Work Project Administration; 1939 
 21Fame Embraces Six More Daniel, Daniel M.; 1939 
 22Baseball's First World Tour Lanigan, Ernest J.; 1939 
 23Diamond Sparklers Tarvin, A.H.; 1940 
 24Baseball's New Deal Anderson, Arthur O.W.; 1940 
 25The Chicago Cubs Brown, Warren; 1946 
 26Baseball: A Historical Narrative of the Game, the Men Who Have Played It and Its Place in American Life Smith, Robert; 1947 
 27The Father of Baseball Graves, Abner; 1947 
 28Thumbnails of the Great Lanigan, Ernest J.; 1948 
 29Diamond Dust  1949 
 30100 Years of Baseball: the Intimate and Dramatic Story of Modern Baseball From the Game's Beginnings Up to the Present Day Allen, Lee; 1950 
 31Baseball and Mr. Spalding: The History and Romance of Baseball Bartlett, Arthur; 1951 
 32Albert Goodwill Spalding Barton, Jerry; 1952 
 33Albert Goodwill Spalding: The Man Who Made the Baseballs Smith, Robert; 1952 
 34He Start the 20 Club Davis, Mac; Illustrated By Reynold C. Pollack; 1953 
 35Baseball's Keystone Cops Stump, Al; 1959 
 36Baseball: the Early Years Seymour, Harold; 1960 
 37The Story of Baseball Rosenburg, John; 1962 
 38The Story of Baseball Rosenburg, John; 1964 
 39No Joy in Mudville: the Dilemma of Major League Baseball Andreano, Ralph; 1965 
 40Al Spalding Allen, Lee; and Tom Meany; 1965 
 41The Great Baseball Mystery: the 1919 World Series Luhrs, Victor; 1966 
 42The Story of Baseball Rosenburg, John; 1966 
 43American Baseball: From Gentleman's Sport to the Commissioner System Voigt, David Quentin; 1966 
 44The Story of Baseball Rosenburg, John; 1968 
 45Baseball Smith, Robert; 1970 
 46Down Memory Lane Brown, Warren; 1970 
 47The Story of Baseball Rosenburg, John; 1971 
 48Baseball's Greatest Teams: the Cubs Enright, Jim; 1975 
 49From A Researcher's Notebook Kermisch, Al; 1976 
 50Albert Goodwill (A.G.) Spalding, Father Of The National League Smith, Robert; 1978 
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