August 30, 2015
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 1Clemente and Virdon Pace Corsairs' Spurt With Socking Sprees Biederman, Les; 1961 
 2Bull-Pen Whizzer McBean Inked Buc Pact For Peanuts Biederman, Les; 1961 
 3Have Camera, Will Pitch Stainback, Berry; 1962 
 4Schwall Hill Feats Steer Corsair Flag Ship Off N.L. Reef Biederman, Les; 1963 
 5Buhl Ends Record Bat Slump  1963 
 6"On the Hill, Will" McHugh, Roy; 1964 
 7Roberto Clemente: Man of Paradox Hano, Arnold; 1965 
 8The Reds Gambled Big on Ellis Collett, Ritter; 1965 
 9McBean Laughs Off Latin Fans' Jeers: Sore Arm Cited in Blasting of Relief Ace in Winter Loop Schneider, Russell; 1965 
 10Buc Relief Star Refuses to Fret Over Sore Arm n; 1965 
 11Latin Native Learns Cold Climate `Good for Asthma' n; 1965 
 12A Meeting To Sort of Kindle the Flame McHugh, Roy; 1966 
 13The Dodgers Scent a Pennant Mann, Jack; 1966 
 14Prescription for Relief Forbes, Gordon; 1966 
 15Manny a Mighty Handy Guy With Bat in His Hands Biederman, Les; 1967 
 16Stanky Raps Tight Pants on Major League Players n; 1967 
 17Where Did Buc Bat Punch Go? Danny Wonders Biederman, Les; 1967 
 18Stargell Regains His Power Stroke Biederman, Les; 1967 
 19Al McBean Biederman, Les; 1967 
 20Bucco Battery in Need of Recharging Biederman, Les; 1967 
 21Shepard Probing Bucco Soft Spots Biederman, Les; 1967 
 22McBean Took `Em Literally in Picking His All-Stars n; 1967 
 23Johnny Sain On Pitching Bethel, Del; 1968 
 24 Roth, Allan; 1968 
 25Buccos Used the Broom, Now Kids Can Kick Up Some Dust Biederman, Les; 1968 
 26Monkey Business? Not For Al McBean Biederman, Les; 1968 
 27Water Over Shoetops in Cincy Rain Game Biederman, Les; 1968 
 28Bunning Dip Drains Fuel in Buc Tank Biederman, Les; 1968 
 29Maz Plays On Despite Ailing Thigh Biederman, Les; 1968 
 30McBean Cinch to Win 20--Just Ask Him Biederman, Les; 1968 
 31Battered Bucs Stagger With Long Casualty List Biederman, Les; 1968 
 32McBean Can Stop Phillies Except for Nemesis White  1968 
 33Nemesis Bit the Dust in `68: Giants Pinned 4 Losses On Bunning Jupiter, Harry; 1969 
 34It Floats Through the Air... Rubin, Bob; 1969 
 35Bavasi Pep Talk Stirring Sendoff For New Padres Cour, Paul; 1969 
 36Dodgers Nix Wilhelm Deal; Angel Demands Too Stiff  1969 
 37McBean Can Help Bucs - 'With Fire, Not Finesse'  1970 
 38Phillies To Take Look at McBean Lewis, Allen; 1971 
 39Baseball in the Virgin Islands Costello, Rory; 1999 
 40Baseball in the Virgin Islands: Our Eastern Outpost Costello, Rory; 2000 
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