August 27, 2015
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 1Dave Ferriss, Red Sox Pitcher, Standout Rookie of Major Leagues for 1945 Daniel, Daniel M.; 1945 
 2New York Giants King, Joe; 1951 
 3Oaks' Gettel Takes 20th With Whitewash of L.A. Baillie, Scott; 1953 
 4Hitting To the Wrong Field Herbold, John O.; 1963 
 5Teenagers, Graybeards, and 4-F's: An Informal History of Major League Baseball During the Second World War, American League Crissey, Harrington E., Jr., Compiler; 1982 
 6The 1947 Indians Phillips, John; 1994 
 7Al Gettel Spalding, John; 1994 
 8Al Gettel Swank, Bill; 1997 
 9Stolen Signs Helped '51 Giants Win Pennant  2001 
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