September 5, 2015
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Result Title Author(s) Date
 1Alvin Dark  1951 
 2Durocher Blasts Al Dark For Poor Defensive Play  1953 
 3Young Hustlers Bonner, M.G.; 1954 
 4What Happened to the Giants? Richman, Milton; 1955 
 5Alvin Dark: Captain of the Champs Linn, Ed; 1955 
 6Hold It! With An Al Dark Fielder's Glove By Spalding  1956 
 7  1959 
 8Masters With a Bat  1959 
 9  1959 
 10Chicago Cubs  1959 
 11Chicago Cubs  1959 
 12Philadelphia Phillies  1960 
 13Philadelphia Phillies  1960 
 14McCovey Will Come Back! Stevens, Bob; 1961 
 15Willie Mays: His Loneliness and Fulfillment Hano, Arnold; 1963 
 16How We Stole the Pennant Mays, Willie; as told to Charles Einstein; 1963 
 17World Series Confidential: the Loser's Tension and Torment Hano, Arnold; 1963 
 18The Juan Marichal Mystery Einstein, Charles; 1963 
 19Al Dark Discusses the Beanball Einstein, Charles; 1963 
 20Willie Mays' Diary Mays, Willie; with Charles Einstein; 1964 
 21Juan Marichal: Behind His Success  1964 
 22How Important Is a Manager? Lang, Jack; 1965 
 23 Roth, Allan; 1967 
 24Lew Krausse's Winter of Discontent Fox, Tom; 1968 
 25Al Dark at the Top of the Stairs Underwood, John; 1974 
 26Alvin Dark Mandel, Mike; 1979 
 27World Series Flashback 1: a Difference of 200 Feet Highlighted '54 Fall Classic Woody, Clay; 1992 
 28Know Them by Their Autographs Altherr, Tom; 1998 
 29Seasons: Standings, Leaders: 1948 James, Bill; John Dewan; Neil Munro; Don Zminda, eds.; 1998 
 30Alvin Dark, Cubs Third Baseman Skipper, John C.; 2000 
 31The Orlando Cepeda Story Markusen, Bruce; 2001 
 32Alvin Dark Shalin, Mike; and Neil Shalin; 2002 
 33Al Dark Heyde, Jack; 2004 
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