August 28, 2015
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 1Colonels Place 5 on Int All-Stars n; 1972 
 2Bauer, Bumbry, Garber, Garner Honors in Int n; 1972 
 3Topps Hails Paciorek and Reinbach n; 1972 
 4`Bumblebee' Adds Go Go to Rochester Repertoire Buck, Ray; 1972 
 5Hitters Pace Topps Awards n; 1972 
 6In '73, the Birds Flew...with Speed and Defense Elderkin, Phil; 1973 
 7Doing the Oriole Cha-cha Boyle, Robert H.; 1973 
 8Baseball Digest's 1973 Rookie All-Star Team Vass, George; 1973 
 9The Lights Go On Again Leggett, William; 1973 
 10Weaver Wets Whistle Over New Oriole Speed Hatter, Lou; 1973 
 11Weaver, on Limb, Chirps: `Six Pennants in 10 Years' Hatter, Lou; 1973 
 12Oriole Rookie of the Year--Bumbry? Or is It Coggins? Brown, Doug; 1973 
 13Baylor Found Punch Key With Palmer's Helpn Brown, Doug; 1973 
 14Rogers, Busby, Bumbry, Matthews Top Rookies Henkey, Ben; 1973 
 15Speedboy Bumbry Runs Off With Rookie Crown in A.L. Lang, Jack; 1973 
 16Orioles Play Guessing Game Over Width of Bumbry's Grin Brown, Doug; 1973 
 17Baseball Rarity: Three Triples in One Game Davids, Robert; 1974 
 18Best Outfields in Baseball Vass, George; 1974 
 19All This 'Dynasty' Needed Was Revitalizing Goldberg, Hy; 1974 
 20O's Planning Acid Test For Coggins, Bumbry Brown, Doug; 1974 
 21Biggest Oriole Problem Hinges on Little Guys Brown, Doug; 1974 
 22Orioles' Lineup Set, Except for Job Behind Bat Brown, Doug; 1975 
 23Green Light Flashes for Bumbry When Davis Receives Pink Slip Henneman, Jim; 1976 
 24O's Sparring Until Re-Entry Draft Clears the Air Henneman, Jim; 1976 
 25Only Five Orioles Are Certain of Jobs in Wide-Open Camp Henneman, Jim; 1977 
 26Bumbry's Leg Clouds Bird Trade Plans Henneman, Jim; 1978 
 27O's Limit Targets To 6 Free Agents Henneman, Jim; 1978 
 28Bumbry Exit With Orioles May Be Final Henneman, Jim; 1978 
 29Hale Bumbry Could Put 'Fly' Back in Orioles Nigro, Ken; 1979 
 30Orioles Discover a Homing Pigeon in Bumbry Henneman, Jim; 1979 
 31Injured Leg Okay, Bumbry Insists Henneman, Jim; 1979 
 32Orioles Soar To Crest of AL Nigro, Ken; 1979 
 33Birds' Bumbry Blazing in Old Pre-Injury Style Nigro, Ken; 1980 
 34In the O-Zone: A Story of the 1979 American League Champions Dorer, Skip,; with Wayne Kaiser; 1980 
 35A Center Fielder High On Priorities Nigro, Ken; 1981 
 36Bumbry Criticized For 'Average' '81 Nigro, Ken; 1982 
 37Three-Ring Circus in Orioles' Outfield Nigro, Ken; 1982 
 38Bumbry Not Ready To Toss in Towel Henneman, Jim; 1982 
 39Hey Mister, Can We Have Your Autograph? Creamer, Robert; 1982 
 40Eddie is a Handy Dandy Wulf, Steve; 1982 
 41One-Hit Butcher Had a Premonition Reeves, Jim; 1983 
 42Bumbry Regaining Old Fire at the Plate Henneman, Jim; 1984 
 43Singleton, Bumbry Won't Return in '85 Henneman, Jim; 1984 
 44Bred to a Harder Thing Than Triumph Boswell, Thomas; 1984 
 45Bench Rotting From Inactivity Collier, Phil; 1985 
 46Nice Guys  1985 
 47McKeon Will Seek To Improve Bench Collier, Phil; 1985 
 48 Giuliotti, Joe; 1986 
 491973: Al Bumbry Honig, Donald; 1989 
 50Baltimore Orioles  1994 
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