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 1Chicago White Sox 3, Cleveland Indians 2   
 2How Some Famous Batsmen Get Away From the Plate Philips, B.G., photographer; 1907 
 3  1908 
 4 Morse, Jacob C.; 1908 
 5Some American League Baseball Stars  1908 
 6The Strenuosity of Pitching Joss, Addie; 1908 
 7Prominent Baseball Stars Ready For the Fray  1909 
 8"The Greatest Pitcher I Even Faced"; a Worthy Tribute To a Sterling Man Moriarty, George J.; 1911 
 9Addie Joss; the Memory of the Once Famous Pitchers Still Lingers  1911 
 10Walter Johnson On Baseball Slavery; "The Great American Principle of Dog Eat Dog" Johnson, Walter; 1911 
 11Famous No-Hit Game Not the One in Which Addie Joss Took the Most Pride  1911 
 12Addie Joss  1911 
 13"Addie" Joss, the Lamented; What His Neighbors and Associates Thought of Him Meade, I.R.; 1911 
 14"Addie" Joss; a Brilliant Player; An Ernest Worker; a Thorough Man Edwards, Henry P.; 1911 
 15My No Hit Game, Oct. 2, 1908 Joss, Addie; 1911 
 16Addie Joss Day  1911 
 17All Star Team Addie Joss Day  1911 
 18George Stovall: the Hero of 1911 Lane, F.C.; 1912 
 19Pitchers I Have Faced Collins, Edward "Eddie" T.; 1914 
 20World's Star Batsman a Ten Per Cent Players  1918 
 21Batting Figures Just Prove That Addie Joss Was Right Cain, Cullen; 1921 
 22Majoring for the Majors Bryson, Bill; 1936 
 23Baseball's 'Ten Greatest Moments' Daley, Arthur; 1949 
 24The Cleveland Indians Cobbledick, Gordon; 1951 
 25Mid-Career Tragedies Bryson, Bill; 1958 
 26Big Ed Walsh's Fabulous Week Meany, Tom; 1959 
 27Lieb Cites Stars of Long Ago Who Belong in Shrine Lieb, Fred; 1960 
 28Addie Joss Allen, Lee; 1963 
 29Greatest Pitcher of Them All Koppett, Leonard; 1965 
 30Eight No-Hit Games by Rookie Hurlers Livy, Bernie; 1967 
 31Go Back to '08 for A.L. Race Like '67 Frenzy: Tigers Won Flag in Torrid Three-Team Fight to Wire Lieb, Frederick G.; 1967 
 32Cy Young Awards and Hall of Fame Koppett, Leonard; 1971 
 33Baseball's All-time Shutout Kings Gold, Eddie; 1973 
 34Should the Hall of Fame Election Rules Be Changed? Lang, Jack; 1974 
 35A Day For Addie Joss Markson, David; 1975 
 36The Unhappy Fate of Addie Joss: Deserves Shrine Berth Broeg, Bob; 1976 
 37Why Are These Stars On the Outs? Creamer, Robert; 1977 
 38Veterans' Selections Raise Questions Koppett, Leonard; 1977 
 39In Defense of Vets' Committee: They Do Their Homework Broeg, Bob; 1977 
 40Now Joss Can Have His Justice - Way Cleared To Shrine Broeg, Bob; 1977 
 41Survey Of Old-Timers For The Hall Of Fame  1977 
 42If Only Joss Could Appear at Cooperstown... Broeg, Bob; 1978 
 43Mathews, MacPhail and Joss Enter Shrine Broeg, Bob; 1978 
 44Exec MacPhail, Hurler Joss Named To Shrine Lang, Jack; 1978 
 45Gloss Was the Word For Joss Broeg, Bob; 1978 
 46Addie Joss Ritter, Lawrence And Donald Honig; 1981 
 47What Does It Take? James, Bill; 1982 
 48When Editor Joss Interviewed Pitcher Joss Kermisch, Al; 1983 
 49Addie Joss Reidenbaugh, Lowell; 1983 
 50Major League Home Runs: The Other Side of the Story Cope, Everett; 1985 
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